Friday, February 21, 2014

Turning Lemons into Birthday Lemonade...

This year for Susanne's mom's birthday we'd made a plan to drive about 8 hours to her home in South Carolina. She makes that long drive to see us quite often, and we know that she was looking forward to having us come down there for a few days.

Her birthday happens to fall on Valentine's Day, and if you live on the east coast, you probably recall that this Valentine's Day was a mess. Ice and snow all up and down the coast. We were still considering getting in the car and going for it, when she called to let us know she'd lost power. This was not just a minor inconvenience. The temps were hovering around freezing and she and everyone else in the area where she lived were cold for sure.

We first had the thought to ask her to come to DC where at least we had power and heat, but then thought perhaps we could spare her the long drive and have an adventure by meeting up somewhere in between. We picked Fayetteville, NC and it turned out to be a very fun time.

We watched the Olympics and went to a children's museum and a few other fun things and enjoyed some dinners out. We were in the parking lot of the children's museum listening to the US vs. Russia men's hockey game when it went into overtime. We didn't even get out of the car it was so exciting! There were hugs and high fives all around as T.J. Oshie scored the winning goal. What a game!

The only rotten luck was that the pool heater was not working so that water was really too cold to enjoy. But the boys dangled their feet in the hot tub and I think by all accounts it was a nice weekend.

Happy birthday Nana. See you soon in Florida. Go Nationals! -Monica


I put together a little slide show--just click on the picture of Nana and Benji here to see the fun that was had by all.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nighttime, Daytime!

Just have to post this hilarious video so I can find it whenever we need a good laugh. The boys cannot get enough of this! Enjoy!

Our Little Comics...

Here are a few things we've shared on social media over the past few weeks. These two do indeed keep us on our toes!

Jan 2
Danny - "What's the best time to go to the dentist?"


(Yes, that would be pronounced tooth hurty.)

Jan 3
Not to be outdone in the joke department, from Benji...

"What's the strongest thing in the ocean?"

(Wait for it...)

"A mussel! "

(I should add that his actual favorite joke is "Knock knock." "Whose there?" "Bus driver." "Bus driver who?" "HONKA HONKA HONK!")

Jan 6
To paraphrase from Fiddler on the Roof... "May God bless and keep the children... far away from us!" (At school that is. Wonderful break, but it's time.) The boys had a Christmas vacation, but it was time.

Jan 8
It finally happened! First tooth gone! And by gone we mean completely gone... I guess he'll be leaving a note for the tooth fairy.

Jan 15
As many of you know, to our kids, I am Mommy and Susanne is Mama. It works quite well for the most part, although I do increasingly wonder if people think I talk in third person all the time. Like "Mama is really happy about how well you cleaned your room." Or "Did Mama say that was okay?" I guess I could have worse problems!

Jan 16
When Danny was a baby, Susanne and I sort of came to an unspoken arrangement that she was basically in charge everything that went into our children, and I was in charge of everything that came out. This arrangement has been awesome for me now that they are older, BUT, not so awesome when they are both spewing bile (err...having a rough night) at the same time. Fortunately after a day of laying low they both seem to be feeling better. Amen!

Jan 18
When Danny's throat hurts he always accidentally says his neck hurts so I have to ask whether it hurts inside or out. Benji does not make the same mistake. This morning he woke up telling us that his swallower was hurting bad.

Sweet even when miserable.

Jan 26
While making shapes with play dough this morning, Benji asked me why we say "ice cube". Excellent question young grasshopper!

Jan 29
There is something very wrong when your early riser is not a morning person.

Jan 30
6 year old Danny is suddenly interested in chess and checkers and is learning about the pieces and what they can do. We decided that the bishops looked like "pastors with fancy hats on", and I must admit that I cracked up when he then explained that "you know, those church people can only go diagonally."

Feb 2
The boys were taking their sweet time getting upstairs to bed while belting out Madagascar's I Like to Move It, Move It.

All I could think was "I don't think you really do."
Feb 6
Here's the thing with Benji. It's not that he cares much about what he wears. His only requirement actually is that it NOT be the thing you suggested he put on. He also doesn't fall for reverse psychology very easily. I'm guessing a career in politics?

Feb. 8
I know math is not my forte, but if the boys go to bed 3 hours later than usual (after movie night with a favorite babysitter), shouldn't they wake up more than 15 minutes later than their crack of dawn usual?

Feb 10.
So...quietly whispering "get your bum on the pew" does nothing but make a small child burst out laughing (kinda the opposite of the calming effect I was going for.) And why do we call church benches pews? I will never use the words "pew" and "bum" together in a sentence again. I swear.

Have a great day everybody! -Monica (and Susanne)