Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Danny Boy's Big Day

We knew it was coming, but it's still hard to believe. Danny celebrated his 6th birthday party yesterday and I still can't get over the fact that we have a 6 year old.

As his special day fell on a Tuesday, we did a party at our summer pool spot on Sunday and for the first time in recent history it was actually cold over the Memorial Day weekend. The kids who dared brave the chilly water were shivering in the shade as we whacked the cute dinosaur pinata. Fortunately in the sunshine it was much warmer, so all in all the party was a blast. 

He got wonderful presents at his party from his friends (thank you!) but his big presents this year were a Nintendo DS from his Nana and Beyblades from his Pop Pop. He LOVES them both. We hope that we can encourage really good behavior from him by sort of threatening to withhold the DS from him...we'll see how that works out. He's a pretty good boy anyway, so he'll probably get time to play every day as long as his homework is done. He also got some money for his college 529 from his great grandfather, but doesn't seem particularly appreciative at age 6. Maybe down the road his appreciation will rise? ;-)

There is something about being 6 that is really special I think. I have some pretty vivid and nice memories from when I was 6, so maybe I see it as the beginning of life's memories. 

Danny has his foibles. He still sucks his thumb, and often struggles to get out the door when it's time to go because he's a "homebody" according to him. And he doesn't always listen or put his things away.  But all in all, for every one thing he does that is annoying, he does a hundred things that are delightful.  He's empathetic, sweet, and fundamentally kind. He gets along with just about everyone and makes us smile EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Happy birthday dearest firstborn. Thank you for being you. Love, love, love, your Moms

Evelyn, Joakim, Benji, Josie and others have fun crowding poor Danny out of his own party!

Chilly yes. But not too cold for ice cream!

Beyblades! Danny and Benji "let 'er rip!"

Two proud parents with one silly six year old! Happy Birthday Danny Boy.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Copy That.

I think anyone who has a younger sibling can sympathize with one of Danny's biggest frustrations at this age. Yup. Benji is ALWAYS COPYING!

Exhibit A. Yesterday we had a wonderful time at Danny's friend Ramon's birthday party and by the time I snapped this shot of Danny in all of his silliness... guessed it. There was Benjamin.

Because after all, isn't it the best thing ever when you are 3 to annoy your big brother?

The party was for one of Danny's classmates and was held at Bladensburg Waterfront Park, and it was really fun! They have free pontoon rides for the public and bikes and kayaks to rent. We'll definitely be going back there soon as it's only a few miles from our house (I love it when I discover gems hidden so close to home!)

Looking forward to next weekend when we kick off our Memorial Day as we have for the last 6 years--celebrating the birth of our treasured Danny. We are so proud of our firstborn! (And don't worry Benji, we are proud of you too. But to say so right now might just seem a bit too much like copying!) Have a great day everyone! -Monica

Friday, May 10, 2013

Gorgeous Weather (finally!)

Ahhhh....I just spent a half hour out in the brilliant sunshine--85 degrees of wonderful! It's been a long season of "meh" weather for those of us in the DC area. Not very warm, but not very cold. Just sort of gray and boring. Well today I threw caution to the wind. No hat. No sunscreen. Just warm sunshine seeping into my bones as I walked with some work friends back from an event.

There is something so soothing and cathartic about today's weather. Spring arrived a few weeks ago and so we've had blooming flowers and trees, lots of pollen and fast growing grass, but fairly cool temps. We did have one really odd hot day a few weeks back, but today, well this is what I was waiting for. Real warmth.

And for anyone who has not yet heard the news, real warmth is going to bring something special to DC this year. Cicadas! As has been reported "The group of cicadas known as Brood II—which last emerged in 1996—will be appearing once the local ground temperature reaches a consistent level of 64 degrees. When the thermometer hits that mark eight inches below the surface, it's cicada time."


They are due around mid May, (so any day now) and they'll stick around for about four weeks they say. I hope this doesn't freak the boys out too much (or me and/or Susanne for that matter). And I also hope that the cicadas don't spoil Danny's birthday party which we plan to hold outside this year at our local pool right before Memorial Day. Hmmmmm...maybe we should just make it a Cicada theme? Yeah. I know. Bad idea.

I'm ending this post with a picture of these lovely flowers that "the boys" got for Susanne on Wednesday to honor her frugal nature for Mother's Day. You see she would have hated paying full price for these the actual weekend of Mother's Day. I like to think I'm teaching them well.

So Happy Mother's Day to Susanne, to my mother-in-law Ulli, my sisters, neices, friends and to all who mother people sometimes (I think that would be all of us male and female alike.) And last but never least, Happy Mother's Day Mom. Love you and miss you. -Monica