Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wild Things (but they do make our hearts sing!)

Benji (at left) starting his first day of 3 year old preschool, with big brother Danny who began 1st grade this week too.
Well summer has finally started making a turn into autumn. We still have some warm and muggy days, but this week both boys started the new school year which is a sure sign that fall is almost here. I guess they are not really "wild things", but they do have their moments. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but we do find ourselves wondering how Danny can tune us out so consistently when we are talking to him. But then again, maybe all 6 year olds are good at this? Benji is a little force of nature. Decisive, demanding, persistent. Those traits should come in handy someday, but they are not always fun to deal with come "night, night" time. But what can I say? We adore our babies. Gulp. Toddlers. Gulp. Little boys. What's next? I don't want to think about it!

We had a good but very busy summer, so I don't mind settling back down into the regular routine of school. We are very proud of these two and and look forward to a great year.

As far as other things go, we are in the midst of a couple of projects. We repainted our living room over the summer and this fall are making a pretty big investment in a central air conditioning system and a new screened in back porch. Both are good investments in terms of resale value if we ever did decide to sell (not thinking of that now) but in all honesty, both of these things will make our house more comfortable and functional so we are really excited about them. Central air takes moisture out of the air which is awesome in high humidity areas AND, added bonus, no more lugging window units up and down every spring and fall. And as for the porch? We unfortunately have LOTS of mosquitoes where we live in DC so having a screened in place to hang out on a back porch will be wonderful.

All is well otherwise. For the first time ever we are all on the same medical insurance thanks to the DOMA ruling in June, which is great. Let's see...? We are going to a fun wedding in Pittsburgh at the end of September. Seeing our friends LT and CT get married is going to be very moving. And it happens that the hotel where we will be staying is just minutes from where Susanne went to high school and it's their homecoming weekend, so we are going up a bit early to enjoy some of those festivities. So overall we've got a lot to look forward to in September.

My best friends Dave's little twins will also turn 1 in September so our favorite Peace Corps buddies will also be coming together to celebrate at a little gathering at our house. We try to get together every few months and it's always a blast. The only downside is for Su and all the other spouses is that they "get" to hear the same old stories from our Peace Corps days (in the 1980s in Guatemala).  It's gotten to the point where they actually correct us now when we retell them (hmmm...memory loss?) ;-) Anyway, I can't wait to tell more slightly incorrect stories very soon!

I always promise to be better about keeping up with my blog. And I always fail. But this time will be different! I promise! I will post 5 times in September. Promise. Hasta la vista! -Monica

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Peaceful easy feeling...

On Monday Danny and Benji got on an Amtrak train with their grandmother (Nana) and took an 8 hour ride down to South Carolina where they are spending a bit more than a week with her. By all accounts they are having a great time and we are thrilled.

Yes, we are thrilled that they are having fun (going to the children's museum, swimming, running around on a slip 'n slide etc...) and also very happy that they are behaving for Susanne's mom. Apparently they are so tired they are sleeping great all night which is wonderful. It's very quiet and peaceful there, and I for one would love it if they get in the habit of sleeping longer.

But seriously, the part I must admit I am most thrilled about, is that we get to have some time quality to ourselves. No dealing with kids up at the crack of dawn asking/whining about what they want for breakfast. No rushing to drop them off and pick them up. No bedtime battles. No saying "no, you cannot watch a cartoon" for the umpteenth time.  Nope. We just getting to spend leisurely time hanging out on the porch (blessedly cool weather here this week), being lazy (or productive if you are Susanne), and going to restaurants for dinner most nights.

It really is an amazing feeling. You see, since Danny was born in 2007 there has not been even one night when we have not had at least one child with us. I have taken a few work trips and Su went to Germany once for a funeral, but even then, one of us had a boy or boys. And even when Danny did his week-long trip to Nana's the past two years we had Benji with us. So to do the math, this would be a period of 75 consecutive months of child responsibility if anyone is counting. ;-)

So today (and for the next few days) we are kid free. And I am very much appreciating this. Don't get me wrong. We miss our guys, and can't wait to get on our first Skype call with them in about an hour. And no one will hug them tighter than me when Susanne comes back from retrieving them next week. But until then, I'm going to let this peaceful easy feeling linger.

Alrighty, gotta run. After the Skype video call with our boys, Su and I have reservations downtown for sushi. Mmmmmm....

Last night's Pisco Sours cocktails before another fabulous dinner out on the town ...