Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Scout Law...

Pretty proud of Danny and his friends. The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts gathered 1,832 pounds of food last weekend for the Capital Area Food Bank. Awesome! They first distributed 10 bags each to neighbors about 10 days ago asking them to buy/gather some nutritious and non-perishable items over the week. Then on Saturday they brought those bags to a local Safeway, and volunteered their time asking shoppers to pick up something extra to drop on their way out. 

This was the "speil" they first came up with:

"Help the hungry donate cans."

After a little grammatical coaching by one of my fellow Cub Scout leaders, they were soon saying:

"Good morning. Help the hungry. Donate cans." (much better).

Great job boys!!!! I particularly like that so many elements of the Scout Law came into play with this project.

A Scout is:

Monday, November 09, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

This weekend was a typically busy one for us. On Friday night we took care of our 8 and 10 year old neighbors (their parents were away on a short trip), and also Susanne's dad and his seven year old daughter (and their cute dog) came to town for a visit.

But before any of that, we ended up taking home the boys' friends A and D from soccer until their dad could arrive which resulted in a big game of Beyblades! Much fun ensued!

Then while the neighbor girls went to Girl Scouts with another friend, we had dinner with PopPop out on the porch as the temps had been in the 80s all day which is crazy for November in DC!

The next morning we were all up bright and early to go on a community service project with Casey Trees. It was a little rainy but a lot of fun!

On Sunday it was off to church and then on our return we surreptitiously drove our doctor's office to get flu shots for all. There was much moaning and gnashing of teeth. But we all got our shots, and then got a well deserved reward of Gelato. 

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! Until next time. -Monica

Friday, October 30, 2015

And the Campin' Man Camps

Danny is really enjoying being a Cub Scout. Last weekend his Pack did an overnighter and even though it was cold, it was a great time. On the drive home was asked him and his buddy W., what their favorite part of the camping trip was. They both answered "the hike".

I had to chuckle. This from the boy who gripes about walking up to school somedays. ;-)

Everything tastes better when you are camping!

When you are a Bear Cub, it's time to be able to set your tent up without too much help from adults.
The scouts hiked pretty far up at our camp in MD. Again, this was the BEST part!
The guys later remembered that their real favorite part was the SMORES at the campfire!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

And...We're Back!

This pic of Benji was taken in the spring. In another month or so he'll turn 6! Time is flying.

I love this picture of Danny taken while watching a musical group perform in Germany.

Wow. Pretty sure that I have not skipped posting this long, well, ever. Can't believe I haven't posted since June 11th! And here it is two days before Halloween. Where should I begin?

In June we went on our bi-annual trip to Germany. It was our best trip yet in my opinion. The boys are now 5 and 8 so they can carry a lot more of their own things, and don't require quite so much constant attention.

Later in the summer we went to northern Minnesota with our wonderful neighbors, and then it was time to dive right back into school again.

You know, I never realized before having kids that homework would take up so much time. Danny who is our 3rd grader has worksheets and other homework just about every night and now that kindergarten is the new first grade, even Benji has homework! I personally don't recall ever doing homework so it's all sort of crazy to me I must say. And believe you me, after a full day of school, there is nothing that Danny wants to do less than sit down and do more. But we shall carry on.

Other than that life is good. We have gone camping a few times--Danny is now a Bear Cub Scout and next year his brother will be able to join. Guess that is all for now. Will do my best to write more. Promise! -M

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happy First Communion to our Irish Girl

Last month Danny's best friend Callaghan made her first communion, and as the boys got dressed to go the the Mass (none to fancy as you can see) Benji came up with the idea of creating an Irish flag with her since the boys were in green and orange.

Before taking the shot we even asked their Irish auntie if we had them standing in the right order. She assured us that yes, we were okay, but alas, we ended up reversed. Through the magic of being able to rotate a photo, I present the actual Irish Flag in the proper order. Congratulations to our beloved Callagh!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

This boy is EIGHT YEARS OLD!

Happy birthday to our number one son Daniel! Today he started the day opening presents at the breakfast table (as is our tradition). He was pretty happy as you can see. (And yes that is a Minecraft piƱata behind him that Susanne is crafting for his pool party on Saturday.)

Once we got to school he hung out with his buddies then the whole student body sang happy birthday to him in English, Spanish and American Sign language. It was actually really awesome. Then it was off to his field trip.

They happened to be going on a field trip to the Smithsonian's Native American Indian Museum and I tagged along (at Danny's strong urging) as a parent volunteer. These kids have been together for almost 5 years now and it's almost as fun to watch them grow as it is to watch Danny grow!

The field trip was great fun and more singing ensued. The day is only half over as of yet though. After school he will have rehearsal for his upcoming musical, The Wiz, and then the whole family will be going on a fishing outing with his cub scout troop. It will be a memorable birthday to say the least. 

Party time happened a few days later at our local pool.


And to think it all started with a little tiny swaddled baby who stole our hearts eight years ago today and has refused to return them. ;-)

Happy Birthday to our dear Daniel! Love, Mommy and Mama

Friday, May 22, 2015

BFFs (like seriously, forever)

We are so lucky to have neighbors that we adore. Their family has two girls around the same ages as our boys and the kids all go to the same school. Let me explain. These are the best kind of friends--the carpooly, cheese platey, movie nighty, never ending play daty, go on vacation togethery kinds of friends. Which I highly recommend to everyone in the world.

With our oldest and their youngest both turning eight very shortly, I just wanted to post these two pictures showing Danny and Callagh when they were just a few months old and again the other day. There is something about these two that just makes me smile (when it doesn't make me yell.) ;-)

Danny was born in late May and when Callagh was born about 2 months later, I remember we went over to our neighbor's house to wait for the family to come home with their new bundle of joy. Danny was of course only two months old and so the girls' grandmother invited me to lay him down in the new Moses basket they had gotten for the newborn. He promptly "christened it" if you know what I mean. ;-)

After a diaper change and some quick clean up, little Callagh arrived home, and so on the first day of her little life, she and Danny met. And these two second graders haven't stopped playing yet. I think that might make them official BF Forever, at least so far. Here's to the next 8 years and all the many more to follow! Love, Mommy