Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas from the US Botanic Garden!
Love, Susanne, Monica, Daniel (6)  and Benjamin (4).

Monday, December 23, 2013

Nuggets of Wisdom ('n stuff)

Ripped from the pages of our Facebook pages in recent months...

October 31
Benji woke up with a bad dream last night and in his quiet high pitched voice shared... "A lady was writing letters. And she was writing them really bad." ;-)

November 27
Our three year old calls Clementines “Lemontines”. Which of course makes me sing out that he's "muh Daaaaarlin' Lemontine" every time. He is starting to look at me funny...

December 3
"Mommy, I think your hand is getting smaller." Exact quote from Benji last night as we walked hand in hand across a parking lot. (He'll turn four in about two weeks and I'm thinking it's not my hand that's changing sizes...)
December 7
Monica wrote: Caught a glimpse of my reflection in a train window this morning and thought for a sec I saw my mom sitting there. When I realized how crazy that was, I smiled at the reflection and thought I looked even more like her. And that made me even happier. A nice way to start this day. Almost 3 years now since she went to be with the angels. Thanks for the smiles Mom.
December 8
Danny did a fantastic job in today's Christmas pageant at Luther Place! So proud of him!

December 9
That's right. Nijabread cookies.


December 12
Note to self. Never put on chapstick that you've let your 3 year old carry around in his backpack without looking at it first. He "might" have dropped it on the ground and "maybe somewhere else--can't remember." EWWWWW....

December 21
In this morning's edition of cranky craft-making (Benji had some vaccinations yesterday and is not feeling great) we made an ornament. We had "stick on" letters and he really wanted to spell out "cool dudes" but kept hiding the "e". We came very close to creating our first annual "cool duds" ornament.

December 23
Is it wrong of me to secretly wish that he'll always pronounce the word "really" as "wooly"?

Have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas everyone!!! -Monica, Susanne, Danny and Benji

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Birthday Big Boy!

This month our little Benjamin turned 4 and got to have a couple of fun parties. First stop was Chuck E. Cheese with our favorite neighbor girls, then a fun activity at school with his Pre-K friends.  The next weekend was a trip down to Richmond to celebrate with his grandfather and family, and then on December 17th, which was his actual birthday, more gifts and merriment!

He got pretty much everything he wanted including a baby boy doll he's named Jack, (and takes very good care of), and a toy alligator--NOT a stuffed animal per his request.  He also got remote controlled bumper cars and some handmade clothes for Jack (thank goodness Susanne can sew. Do you know how hard it is to find clothes for a boy doll?) Oh and I can't forget to mention the Star Wars Light Saber he's been wanting. Just wish Danny's Light Saber had not gone missing this week.They have both been frustrated by not being able to "fight" together properly.

So to sum it up, Benji nurtures and sort of slays. Pretty well balanced kid I guess. ;-)

Happy birthday to our "baby". Who isn't really a baby any more. Gulp! Love you baby er, big boy! -Mommy

Thursday, December 05, 2013

His Left Foot...

A few weeks ago Danny wrapped up his season practicing with the DC United sponsored youth league. It's been really fun for him and super convenient for us, as his after school teachers walk him and his classmates down to a Rec Center about a block from our house for practices several days a week.

I love walking home from the Metro on the days that he is at the field, scanning the gaggle of kids to see his distinctive run. And I also love the big "hi Mommy" he yells when he spots me!

Well for their last big hurrah, they got to go to RFK stadium and play a tournament with all the other kids in the city who are sponsored by DC United. They didn't play in the stadium itself, but the practice fields outside the venue were really nice and in spite of the cold, we had a great time.

Here are a few shots I captured. Although he is not always in goal, he loves to get the chance to play goalie, and frankly, it's easier to take his pic when he is more stationary.

I have really loved watching him blossom at this game. For a little guy, he's doing really well. Without further ado...heeeeeer's Danny!

The day started with fun and games, and meeting Talon, the DC United Mascot.
Then it was time to get in the game. I believe his exact words here were "Pick me! I'm good!". Ah the humility!
With exquisite concentration he awaits the other team's attack.
Rut roh! But hey, he did okay. I don't think he actually gave up any goals n this game.
Of course being a good sport is super important, so there were lots of high fives and shouts of "good game!
Here the older and younger kids from Danny's Rec Center team gathered with their trophies. Cuz you know. Everyone gets a trophy!