Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas from the US Botanic Garden!
Love, Susanne, Monica, Daniel (6)  and Benjamin (4).

Monday, December 23, 2013

Nuggets of Wisdom ('n stuff)

Ripped from the pages of our Facebook pages in recent months...

October 31
Benji woke up with a bad dream last night and in his quiet high pitched voice shared... "A lady was writing letters. And she was writing them really bad." ;-)

November 27
Our three year old calls Clementines “Lemontines”. Which of course makes me sing out that he's "muh Daaaaarlin' Lemontine" every time. He is starting to look at me funny...

December 3
"Mommy, I think your hand is getting smaller." Exact quote from Benji last night as we walked hand in hand across a parking lot. (He'll turn four in about two weeks and I'm thinking it's not my hand that's changing sizes...)
December 7
Monica wrote: Caught a glimpse of my reflection in a train window this morning and thought for a sec I saw my mom sitting there. When I realized how crazy that was, I smiled at the reflection and thought I looked even more like her. And that made me even happier. A nice way to start this day. Almost 3 years now since she went to be with the angels. Thanks for the smiles Mom.
December 8
Danny did a fantastic job in today's Christmas pageant at Luther Place! So proud of him!

December 9
That's right. Nijabread cookies.


December 12
Note to self. Never put on chapstick that you've let your 3 year old carry around in his backpack without looking at it first. He "might" have dropped it on the ground and "maybe somewhere else--can't remember." EWWWWW....

December 21
In this morning's edition of cranky craft-making (Benji had some vaccinations yesterday and is not feeling great) we made an ornament. We had "stick on" letters and he really wanted to spell out "cool dudes" but kept hiding the "e". We came very close to creating our first annual "cool duds" ornament.

December 23
Is it wrong of me to secretly wish that he'll always pronounce the word "really" as "wooly"?

Have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas everyone!!! -Monica, Susanne, Danny and Benji

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Birthday Big Boy!

This month our little Benjamin turned 4 and got to have a couple of fun parties. First stop was Chuck E. Cheese with our favorite neighbor girls, then a fun activity at school with his Pre-K friends.  The next weekend was a trip down to Richmond to celebrate with his grandfather and family, and then on December 17th, which was his actual birthday, more gifts and merriment!

He got pretty much everything he wanted including a baby boy doll he's named Jack, (and takes very good care of), and a toy alligator--NOT a stuffed animal per his request.  He also got remote controlled bumper cars and some handmade clothes for Jack (thank goodness Susanne can sew. Do you know how hard it is to find clothes for a boy doll?) Oh and I can't forget to mention the Star Wars Light Saber he's been wanting. Just wish Danny's Light Saber had not gone missing this week.They have both been frustrated by not being able to "fight" together properly.

So to sum it up, Benji nurtures and sort of slays. Pretty well balanced kid I guess. ;-)

Happy birthday to our "baby". Who isn't really a baby any more. Gulp! Love you baby er, big boy! -Mommy

Thursday, December 05, 2013

His Left Foot...

A few weeks ago Danny wrapped up his season practicing with the DC United sponsored youth league. It's been really fun for him and super convenient for us, as his after school teachers walk him and his classmates down to a Rec Center about a block from our house for practices several days a week.

I love walking home from the Metro on the days that he is at the field, scanning the gaggle of kids to see his distinctive run. And I also love the big "hi Mommy" he yells when he spots me!

Well for their last big hurrah, they got to go to RFK stadium and play a tournament with all the other kids in the city who are sponsored by DC United. They didn't play in the stadium itself, but the practice fields outside the venue were really nice and in spite of the cold, we had a great time.

Here are a few shots I captured. Although he is not always in goal, he loves to get the chance to play goalie, and frankly, it's easier to take his pic when he is more stationary.

I have really loved watching him blossom at this game. For a little guy, he's doing really well. Without further ado...heeeeeer's Danny!

The day started with fun and games, and meeting Talon, the DC United Mascot.
Then it was time to get in the game. I believe his exact words here were "Pick me! I'm good!". Ah the humility!
With exquisite concentration he awaits the other team's attack.
Rut roh! But hey, he did okay. I don't think he actually gave up any goals n this game.
Of course being a good sport is super important, so there were lots of high fives and shouts of "good game!
Here the older and younger kids from Danny's Rec Center team gathered with their trophies. Cuz you know. Everyone gets a trophy!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Manifesto...(or is it?)

Back about seven years ago when Su was pregnant with Danny, I read a blogger’s “manifesto” for her child. As I recall, she had not yet had her baby, and she had written this very powerful, almost strident essay I'd say, on all the things she wanted/needed/hoped for her child-to-be. I remember feeling a little overwhelmed for the new kid and he/she wasn't even born yet. Anyway...

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t find it again if I tried, but every once in a while I think back on it, and wonder what she thinks about that manifesto now.  And I guess I think too, that maybe it’s not a worthwhile exercise to create manifestos for anyone other than ourselves. If we live the lives we are proud of and at peace with, isn’t that the most we can give to our children?

So here's a manifesto that I think I can say speaks to me. I'd like to think others can see these things in me (especially our boys) but if not, I guess I'd better change my ways, or write a new "manifesto". Here goes...

Danny and Benji when they were about 1 and 3.

The two boys blossoming into a 3 and a 6 year old.

… we should all know that:

We are loveable and loved.

We can make another person’s day and life so much brighter with a kind word or gesture. This costs us nothing and is worth so much to someone else.

We get to choose every day how to react to any situation. (This goes for times that others are mean or life is unfair.)

Feelings aren’t right or wrong. They just are.

We all have different strengths. Figuring out our own and each others is a good thing.

The messages we send are not always the messages that are received. That’s why it’s good to confirm.

When we are most scared, most hurt and most alone—these are the times that our faith WILL comfort and help us (if we've really internalized what we've learned).

And lastly from the Greek philospoher Heraclitus. The road up and the road down is one and the same.

That's enough deep thinking for the day.  Have a great one! -Monica

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Little Cubby!

Danny became a Cub Scout this year and has been having fun! A few weeks ago he went on a camping trip (Susanne went as she is FAR better at all things related to camping) and he and his little pals had a great time. This weekend the whole pack (or den or troop or whatever...all the kids) had a joint meeting and the boys got presented with patches they had earned.

Danny got his Bobcat patch, and also earned some beads for doing certain things (helping around the house and learning his Boy Scout promise and some other things.) Proud of our little guy. He's the one in the center looking off to his right. Go Danny!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Arrrgghhh...Pretty Please...

So, Susanne works at a wonderful non profit in DC called Bread for the City. I think its mission nicely sums up what they are all about:

"The mission of Bread for the City is to provide vulnerable residents of Washington, DC, with comprehensive services, including food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We recognize that all people share a common humanity, and that all are responsible to themselves and to society as a whole."

Every year around Thanksgiving the staff runs a fundraiser. This year's Holiday Helpings campaign is providing 8,000 families in need with healthy holiday meals.

Most of the staff members do a special fundraising page to try and cajole their friends and families into helping raise the money and I especially loved Susanne's idea to show our two boys giving up their Gold Doubloons (from their Halloween treasures) to contribute. Just to show that every little bit counts!

Just $29 will feed a family of four, but any amount will be so welcome. Hit the link here to make a donation today. And here's to a Happy Thanksgiving for everyone!

Here are my Gold Doubloons. What you got?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Susanne saw a fun idea to create cardboard cutouts to add a bit of spook to our Halloween. The boys were delighted to help her, although if they'd have had it their way, they would have been wielding the box cutter and the Exacto knife.  We thought it better to let them wield pencils. ;-)

I think they turned out really great, and now they grace our upstairs windows in the evening. She used translucent colored paper for the eyes and mouths--they really glow with the back-lighting from the regular ceiling lights. Can't wait til Thursday night when all the kiddies will come on by. Happy Halloween everybody! -Monica

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave...

Tonight we'll make big spiders for our crafty web. And yes, our pumpkin is wearing a Cub Scout hat. It's his costume. ;-)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cough, cough...

This is a picture of Danny taken last Monday. It was the last day he felt good for the rest of the week. Poor guy woke up in the night Wednesday (after running a fever) with a terrible cough and was having a hard time breathing. We decided to call the advice nurse and she recommended we take him into urgent care. Apparently this cough is called a barking cough and it helped the doc diagnose that he had croup. It's a viral inflamation of the tubes in the voicebox and down on into the lungs. They get inflamed and it makes breathing hard. He had to have an oral dose of steroids and then rest for several days.

He was a pretty good boy, but after about 3 days all he wanted to do was go outside and run! Today on Monday it's his first day back in almost a week and he was thrilled to go to school. That was pretty funny, as he's often not too thrilled to get out the door in the morning.

So now basically all 4 of us have sniffles and coughs. Not the croupy kind though. I'd appreciate never having to hear that sound again, thank you. So what's next up on our agendas? Danny and Mama are scheduled to go on his first ever Cub Scout Camping Trip, and Benji and I will go to a Halloween event at our church while they are gone. Did I mention that the boys love Halloween? Good thing for them Susanne is pretty crafty.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making the most out of an odd October...

I've been meaning to blog the past few weeks since I've had a bit of time on my hands due to having been shut out of  my job in the federal government, but every time I get started, I just get mad again and stop. I have my fingers crossed that a deal has been reached to end it today, but only time will tell. I promise to blog more about my deep thoughts on the whole thing someday.

In the meanwhile, I thought I'd share something that does not make my blood boil. A visit to a local pumpkin patch with our favorite pumpkins on Columbus Day! It was in the low 70s and you'd think we'd have the boys dressed in long pants and jackets, but no. As Benji likes to say "up sleeves Mommy!" "Up pants too!" As it turned out it did get sunny in the afternoon so it all worked out. Without further ado...

Tractor men.

"Go cart" action got a thumbs up from Danny.

What can I say? Cool art there.

Can't go wrong with huge slides.

This place had a basketball court sized jumping thingy which was great fun for Susanne too.

Sure they are not "matchy matchy" with their colors, but aren't they cute?

Obligatory shot. Note the corn stalks behind us. A huge maze. Muddy but fun!

Special bonus from a school event last week where the boys and their neighbors biked to school. What did I tell you about Benji and his "up sleeves and up pants?"

Monday, September 23, 2013

Just some funny memories from the past few months...

Pint sized Danny and Benji take on their German big guy cousins Jonas and Jannis in foosball.

Every few months or so I like to pick out a couple of the funny things the boys say--things we don't want to forget as the years go by. So without further ado, here are some quotes we captured on FB.

Feb 8

So this morning I asked the boys what we should get Mama for Valentine's Day. True story, Danny said "what about a pretty dress? Or a gravestone?"

(Turns out he thinks gravestones are cement you can write stuff on and he would want to draw a heart.)

Feb 18

I woke up to Benji cradling my face in his little hands, studying me intently. Then he smiled, and just when I thought life couldn't get better, he blasted me with a mighty cough. Joy. Easy come. Easy go.

May 5

5 year old Danny: "Fine Benji, you're not a baby, you're a infant!" 3 year old Benji: "I'm not an infant! I'm an outfielder!" Still smiling.

May 31

Talking baseball with the boys, and asked them what position they'd like to play. Danny said shortstop. Little Benji replied that he wanted to be the vampire. Dear God, will they be this funny always?

July 12

Out of the blue my 3 year old announced today that I am old. Hmmmm... "Is Mama (Susanne) old too? I asked.

"No, she's new."

Kinda hurt, but totally cracked me up.

Aug 24

(While driving in stop and go traffic.) "Just make the beep sound. Then they will go faster!" The Gospel According to Benji –

Aug 31

Just wondering how our sons will one day answer online Security Questions" like "mother's middle name" or "mother's maiden name"? Secretly hoping they pick me. Susanne is right. I'm way too competitive!

Sept. 16

Danny was helping me pull weeds this weekend and when I pulled out a particularly stubborn one, he yelled out "oh your gosh!" (And just as I was about to say "oh my gosh!") My silly Danny!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our #2 Son

Benjamin getting ready to hop on his bike. If Danny can ride without training wheels, so can he! (Not quite yet!)
This is 3 year old Benji. Our baby. Sometimes I think of him as an "old soul" though. It's like when he looks at you with those piercing blue eyes, it seems like he can look right through you. He is also very empathetic and picks up very quickly on when other people are upset. Nice boy he is, he always tries to make it all better. (Except when fighting with his brother. Then there is not a whole lot of empathy!)

He sometimes hates that he is the baby. Whenever his older brother masters something like riding a bike or getting something off a high shelf, Benji figures it's time for him to be able to do the same thing. And it's shocking sometimes how much he can do at his tender age.

Yes, he's growing fast, but in some ways, this is the perfect age. He gets to be a "big boy" and go to school and run and play, but then there are those precious times when he curls up in our arms and he is, for a few sweet moments, our little baby again. Not sure how much longer that will last, but I'm going to cherish it.

Our little superhero, AKA, Benji-MAN!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Our #1 Son

Picture of 6 year old Danny taken by a fellow student at summer school.

Funny how just looking at a picture can make one's heart swell with love and pride. Six years have gone by in a wink of an eye. What will the next six years bring? I'm guessing more love and pride. Have a great weekend everyone! -Monica

Monday, September 09, 2013

That is SO Cool!

Today is an exciting day at our house. After lots and lots of thinking and planning, we finally decided to take the financial plunge and get a central air conditioning system installed. The installers are here as I write, and I cannot wait until it is done. (It's a high velocity system that has small tubes that run through our closets.) This is a pretty expensive home improvement, but we are very excited to soon have better control of the temperature and humidity in the house. It will take a few more days for the installation to be complete so I'll try to be patient. But it's so exciting!

I think in some corner of my mind, I figured that this was a home improvement we'd make one day when we were thinking about selling to improve the value of the home, but then we got to thinking that it just made sense to go ahead and do it already so we could enjoy the benefits.

Susanne's mom VERY graciously contributed to our "AC fund" and we are so grateful. Hopefully all of her future visits to see her grandchildrn here in DC will be more comfortable from here on out. It's never just the heat in DC. It's the HUMIDITY. So excited that this system also dehumidifies as it cools. Thank you Nana!

To update you on Danny's thumb sucking progress, the icky tasting stuff has really been working. He's taken to wearing a glove on his left hand at night so he doesn't accidentally suck on it while asleep, and during the days he very quickly takes his thumb out the second it goes near his mouth. Yes it's aversion therapy, but nothing else seemed to be working so we are at peace with it.

We were telling our dear friend Patty about the "thumb project" the other day and he explained it to her in detail. Actually seemed proud that he was finally stopping with the thumb sucking. So overall we are super pleased and hope to be able to stop using it as soon as it seems that he's really stopped.

Other than that all is well. Danny has soccer several nights a week and Saturdays. Benji is liking school so far (and has Saturday soccer too) and both boys are extremely excited about Halloween coming (yes I realize there are 54 days til Halloween.) Danny plans to be a Knight and Benji a Pirate. Let's see how well they stick to those plans.

Have a great day and next time I write from home, I'll be cool as a cucumber. Yay! -M

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Breaking Up is Hard to Do (Thumb Story)

So our dear sweet 6 year old loves soccer, drumming, Beyblades, his purple blanket, and one other very important thing. His left thumb. Seriously. He loves it. Specifically, he loves to suck his thumb. When he's tired, or stressed, or hot, or cold, or happy, or mad, or glad, or awake, or sound asleep, or...well, you get the picture. Whenever there is any "down time", Danny will suck his thumb.

Our dentist has been gently warning us for a long time that the sucking is damaging his front teeth and his bite. And we've tried everything from a special word reminder, to nagging, to begging to...well you get the picture. He continues to suck his thumb.

So. We finally decided enough was enough and after some research bought and yesterday applied a topical solution to his thumbnail that tastes awful! It is called Mavala, and oh how he hates it. Just a little bit is needed and it is almost impossible to wash off. (He took a very long bath last night hoping that he could get that flavor to go away.) In the middle of the night he apparently started sucking his thumb because he woke up very upset that the flavor was in his mouth (when he's awake he tastes it and pulls his thumb out right away, but in his sleep I think he sucked on it for awhile.) I gave him some honey and he drank tons of water and he agreed to wear a glove on that hand (something he'd previously vetoed) to prevent that terrible taste again. And he kept it on the rest of the night. As a mom who hates it when her kid is in pain, I can tell you that this is not fun.

He really does want to stop sucking his thumb. He is embarrased by it he says, and in fact this morning, let us put it on his thumbnail again without a struggle and vowed that he wouldn't suck on it all day. I really hope this is all worth it.

Thumb sucking. It's a hard habit to break. Wish him luck. -Monica

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wild Things (but they do make our hearts sing!)

Benji (at left) starting his first day of 3 year old preschool, with big brother Danny who began 1st grade this week too.
Well summer has finally started making a turn into autumn. We still have some warm and muggy days, but this week both boys started the new school year which is a sure sign that fall is almost here. I guess they are not really "wild things", but they do have their moments. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but we do find ourselves wondering how Danny can tune us out so consistently when we are talking to him. But then again, maybe all 6 year olds are good at this? Benji is a little force of nature. Decisive, demanding, persistent. Those traits should come in handy someday, but they are not always fun to deal with come "night, night" time. But what can I say? We adore our babies. Gulp. Toddlers. Gulp. Little boys. What's next? I don't want to think about it!

We had a good but very busy summer, so I don't mind settling back down into the regular routine of school. We are very proud of these two and and look forward to a great year.

As far as other things go, we are in the midst of a couple of projects. We repainted our living room over the summer and this fall are making a pretty big investment in a central air conditioning system and a new screened in back porch. Both are good investments in terms of resale value if we ever did decide to sell (not thinking of that now) but in all honesty, both of these things will make our house more comfortable and functional so we are really excited about them. Central air takes moisture out of the air which is awesome in high humidity areas AND, added bonus, no more lugging window units up and down every spring and fall. And as for the porch? We unfortunately have LOTS of mosquitoes where we live in DC so having a screened in place to hang out on a back porch will be wonderful.

All is well otherwise. For the first time ever we are all on the same medical insurance thanks to the DOMA ruling in June, which is great. Let's see...? We are going to a fun wedding in Pittsburgh at the end of September. Seeing our friends LT and CT get married is going to be very moving. And it happens that the hotel where we will be staying is just minutes from where Susanne went to high school and it's their homecoming weekend, so we are going up a bit early to enjoy some of those festivities. So overall we've got a lot to look forward to in September.

My best friends Dave's little twins will also turn 1 in September so our favorite Peace Corps buddies will also be coming together to celebrate at a little gathering at our house. We try to get together every few months and it's always a blast. The only downside is for Su and all the other spouses is that they "get" to hear the same old stories from our Peace Corps days (in the 1980s in Guatemala).  It's gotten to the point where they actually correct us now when we retell them (hmmm...memory loss?) ;-) Anyway, I can't wait to tell more slightly incorrect stories very soon!

I always promise to be better about keeping up with my blog. And I always fail. But this time will be different! I promise! I will post 5 times in September. Promise. Hasta la vista! -Monica

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Peaceful easy feeling...

On Monday Danny and Benji got on an Amtrak train with their grandmother (Nana) and took an 8 hour ride down to South Carolina where they are spending a bit more than a week with her. By all accounts they are having a great time and we are thrilled.

Yes, we are thrilled that they are having fun (going to the children's museum, swimming, running around on a slip 'n slide etc...) and also very happy that they are behaving for Susanne's mom. Apparently they are so tired they are sleeping great all night which is wonderful. It's very quiet and peaceful there, and I for one would love it if they get in the habit of sleeping longer.

But seriously, the part I must admit I am most thrilled about, is that we get to have some time quality to ourselves. No dealing with kids up at the crack of dawn asking/whining about what they want for breakfast. No rushing to drop them off and pick them up. No bedtime battles. No saying "no, you cannot watch a cartoon" for the umpteenth time.  Nope. We just getting to spend leisurely time hanging out on the porch (blessedly cool weather here this week), being lazy (or productive if you are Susanne), and going to restaurants for dinner most nights.

It really is an amazing feeling. You see, since Danny was born in 2007 there has not been even one night when we have not had at least one child with us. I have taken a few work trips and Su went to Germany once for a funeral, but even then, one of us had a boy or boys. And even when Danny did his week-long trip to Nana's the past two years we had Benji with us. So to do the math, this would be a period of 75 consecutive months of child responsibility if anyone is counting. ;-)

So today (and for the next few days) we are kid free. And I am very much appreciating this. Don't get me wrong. We miss our guys, and can't wait to get on our first Skype call with them in about an hour. And no one will hug them tighter than me when Susanne comes back from retrieving them next week. But until then, I'm going to let this peaceful easy feeling linger.

Alrighty, gotta run. After the Skype video call with our boys, Su and I have reservations downtown for sushi. Mmmmmm....

Last night's Pisco Sours cocktails before another fabulous dinner out on the town ...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What? Me worry?

Yeah, I admit it. I've got an anxious bone or two in my body. And yes, sometimes it's really ridiculous stuff that gets me nervous, but sometimes, well, I have every right.

Case in point--these pictures from a three story tall "play barn" in Germany. Where the cousins had a blast on our visit last month, and I nearly had a heart attack.

This is a really tall "volcano" climbing wall. Danny and Benji raced over to it to start climbing.
For scale, I've added this picture where you can see me (5'6" tall) below looking up. How high are they now?
"Come on Benji! Come on!" Big brother Danny cheered on the 3 year old while I was quietly dying on the ground below.
"I'm coming down Mommy". Ah...sweet relief.

"But now I'll climb this ladder thing up." He got to the top (through the grace of God) but then was afraid to come down.
Fortunately this cousin (Jonas) was my hero and scampered to the top to help the little guy down. Forever indebted. (Cool Legos house right? Those blocks were humungous!)
Great merriment ensued with all the cousins.
There were trampolines.
Even Susanne got into the act.
Did I mention the terrifyingly huge slide that the kids went down about 10 million times ??
All's well that ends well. As you can see, this was on happy patron of the German Playbarn.

Well just looking at these pictures again has made me a little nervous. Of course it did! Until next time! -Monica

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Puppy Days of Summer

Hard to believe it's already July. Both Danny and Benji started summer school yesterday which really tells me time is flying. This was really Benji's very first day as a student at the school he'll attend from now on and it was a bit rough on him, but over all, I think he'd doing okay.

The "Dog Days" have not yet hit us--Washington, DC is notorious for dreadfully hot and muggy days, but so far I'd say we're experiencing fairly cool yet incredibly muggy days. Of course the past two weeks we haven't had to worry about DC weather. We just returned from a very fun trip to visit Susanne's extended family in Germany. We also had a bit of "weather" there so to speak though. It was unseasonably hot in her 93 year old grandfather's town but blessedly cooler as we traveled north ending up near Hamburg. The thing about really hot weather in Germany is that the hotels and houses don't really have air conditioning. So even though we stayed at a pretty nice hotel for the first 3 days, we were fairly sweltering as evening came.

It did not help that Germany is so far to the north and with the Summer Solstice, we experienced about 18 hours of sunlight a day. Sun up before 5am and sunset after 10 pm. We were already a bit off because of the jetlag and the six hour time zone change so our second night there Danny just kept repeating "I'm not tired! I'm not tired!" He finally fell asleep at midnight after a lot of walking up and down the hallway outside so Susanne and Benji could sleep.

Then we had to debate over which was more important. Keeping the blinds closed to make it seem as though the sun had already set, or keeping them open so we could let cooler air flow in. Not a fun choice.

But we came though it all okay and after visiting with Opa, headed north to 10 more days of visiting cousins and the circus and animal nature park and big play barn and a boat cruise on the Elba and a school fair that was super fun. The boys had a pretty good time, and as always it was delightful to visit Susanne's first cousins and aunts and uncles. Unfortunately Benji got an ear infection while we were there but he's okay now.

The boys say that they most loved the circus and of course, and also oddly, the toilets of Germany which all flushed in different ways than back home. This should not surprise any parents of 3 and 6 year olds. ;-)

We were visiting Su's Aunt Thea's house when we got word about the Supreme Court's decisions on DOMA and Prop 8. We were so excited! We didn't have great access to the internet so we watched the news in German. Even though I didn't understand every word, it was easy to understand all the joy we saw in the videos from Washington, DC.  June 26th was a historic day for our whole family and many others!

I'd like to thank all our German friends and relatives for their wonderful, wonderful hospitality especially Kathrin, Thea, and Stephie. You all rock!

Once Susanne downloads all the pics we'll have lots more to share. Until then, tschüs from four of the Glorious Seven (Su and some of her first cousins on her mom's side.)

Clockwise from top left- Petra, Susanne, Sabine and Kathrin.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

He's a 1st Grader Now!

Today was Danny's stepping up day at school and we can officially consider him a 1st Grader!!!  It was a very nice ceremony and lunch, and we are so proud of our big boy! Here's a little slide show of him and his classmates!
Before school today.  He picked his own clothes and looked quite smart!

Receiving his diploma from Mrs. Kathy.
Our graduate with the best Kindergarten teachers, Señora Lisa and Mrs. Kathy.
With his best girls - Callagh (another K-graduate) and Josie.

The proud Moms

With Mr. Bobby

With Ms. Cortes

All grown up today!
Class of 2025!