Sunday, March 25, 2012


I wonder if I'll ever blog as much as I used to? It's not that there isn't much to write about, it's just that I do not seem to ever get my act together very much lately to blog. The boys definitely keep us busy, but that's no excuse. I like to think that this blog serves the purpose of reminding us down the road what life was like at certain times. So it looks like this past year has been a lot of nothing. But I've been thinking about this.  You see,  I've been in a job for the last year that has not been too inspiring or fun for me and I'm really, really hopeful that I'll be moving into a different and far more interesting job in the weeks ahead. Perhaps when I'm not so cranky about my job I'll be more inclined to blog. We shall see.

But even though I may complain, I want to be clear that I feel so blessed to have a job. I know there are so many people struggling with things that make my complaints seem absolutely frivolous. And it the grand scheme of things they are. And after all, no matter how lousy a day I may have at work, who can stay cranky long coming home to these smiling faces? Blessed indeed!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tis the Season! (Soccer season that is...)

Danny had his first day of soccer practice yesterday and we are pretty amazed at the difference a year makes. He's still just learning the basics, but he actually listened to his coach the whole time and followed directions. He also did a better job than usual of getting up after falling down and continuing rather than just crying and running to a mom to console him. It's really fun to see him mature and also to see him having so much fun.

I'm curious to see what kind of sports mom I'll be. After reading so much about "helicopter parents" and the cultural shift toward everybody getting a ribbon or trophy for every little thing, I guess my feeling is that I don't want to be overly "great job!" on every little thing he does. Not just in sports but in life. On the other hand I do want him (and Benji too) to see how proud we are of them and also that we are paying attention. Guess I'll figure this out as I go along.

I know I won't be the kind of mom that pushes their kid to be the best one in any given endeavor. We all have special gifts, and the most important thing for me is to see that our boys are engaged and excited about what they are doing. It's an interesting thing to experience--this parenting thing.

Alrighty, without further ado, here are a few photos of our soccer dude!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ah Margaritaville...

It's hard to believe we've already been back for a week, but again, time flies. Our trip to the Florida Keys was excellent. I'm not a huge fan of hot and humid, so a March vacation is just prefect to me. The first day we arrived in Key Largo it was fairly warm and muggy, but then a nice cool front moved in for the rest of the week. The only disadvantage was that it brought with it a lot of wind. Which is not so cool while in a glass bottomed boat 45 minutes from shore trying to spot colorful fish in a coral reef. We held off from taking the glass bottomed boat ride until our very last day, hoping that the water wouldn't be so choppy. Turns out it was more than choppy.

Danny was the one who begged and begged to go on this special boat and was so delighted when the boat zoomed off with 60+ passengers to head out to a reef. But then things really started to rock and roll so to speak. The boat just rolled with each huge wave. Through incredible luck, none of us got sea sick but plenty of people did. They had to go up on top of the boat and be sick (as Benji would say "eewww!")  I ended up sitting inside the cabin holding both boys for most of the trip. Danny was so scared he was shaking. Susanne fortunately was able to scoot on down to the bottom to see some fish, but for the most part, it was was just one very expensive rocking chair for the duration of the trip. Of course when we got back to land, Danny's revisionist history took over and as he remembered it, the whole trip was AWESOME. Right ;-) But I love his enthusiasm.

We frolicked in the ocean, fed fish, built sand castles, saw animal shows, and also spent a day in Key West. Overall, a very good time for all. Here are a few pics that describe better than I can our adventures. Ciao! -Monica

Benji shakes hands with a sea lion!

This is Twister. Or Simon. Cool dolphins at the Theater of the Sea just south of Key Largo.

We were so proud when Danny volunteered to play with the dolphins. Diagnosis? Slimy!
Did I mention it was windy? Benji's face (er... hair) says it all.

Look! A parrot! Apparently wanted a cracker.

Speaking of parrots, this is called a Parrot fish, named for its "beak". They are not very attractive...

In Key West with Su's mom and the boys in this pic. Happy Birthday to you too Nana!

Where it all begins. At least Route 1.

A gorgeous shot of the setting sun. Thanks Susanne for taking such great pictures!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy Birthday honey!

Today is a fantastic day! My dear Susanne is celebrating her birthday. We'll have our traditional birthday breakfast with a candle and presents, and then we will be hustling out the door to catch a plane to hang out with Su's mom for the week in sunny Florida. It's going to be a great time. Happy birthday honey!

Su, a few years ago ;-)