Monday, November 18, 2013

Manifesto...(or is it?)

Back about seven years ago when Su was pregnant with Danny, I read a blogger’s “manifesto” for her child. As I recall, she had not yet had her baby, and she had written this very powerful, almost strident essay I'd say, on all the things she wanted/needed/hoped for her child-to-be. I remember feeling a little overwhelmed for the new kid and he/she wasn't even born yet. Anyway...

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t find it again if I tried, but every once in a while I think back on it, and wonder what she thinks about that manifesto now.  And I guess I think too, that maybe it’s not a worthwhile exercise to create manifestos for anyone other than ourselves. If we live the lives we are proud of and at peace with, isn’t that the most we can give to our children?

So here's a manifesto that I think I can say speaks to me. I'd like to think others can see these things in me (especially our boys) but if not, I guess I'd better change my ways, or write a new "manifesto". Here goes...

Danny and Benji when they were about 1 and 3.

The two boys blossoming into a 3 and a 6 year old.

… we should all know that:

We are loveable and loved.

We can make another person’s day and life so much brighter with a kind word or gesture. This costs us nothing and is worth so much to someone else.

We get to choose every day how to react to any situation. (This goes for times that others are mean or life is unfair.)

Feelings aren’t right or wrong. They just are.

We all have different strengths. Figuring out our own and each others is a good thing.

The messages we send are not always the messages that are received. That’s why it’s good to confirm.

When we are most scared, most hurt and most alone—these are the times that our faith WILL comfort and help us (if we've really internalized what we've learned).

And lastly from the Greek philospoher Heraclitus. The road up and the road down is one and the same.

That's enough deep thinking for the day.  Have a great one! -Monica

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Little Cubby!

Danny became a Cub Scout this year and has been having fun! A few weeks ago he went on a camping trip (Susanne went as she is FAR better at all things related to camping) and he and his little pals had a great time. This weekend the whole pack (or den or troop or whatever...all the kids) had a joint meeting and the boys got presented with patches they had earned.

Danny got his Bobcat patch, and also earned some beads for doing certain things (helping around the house and learning his Boy Scout promise and some other things.) Proud of our little guy. He's the one in the center looking off to his right. Go Danny!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Arrrgghhh...Pretty Please...

So, Susanne works at a wonderful non profit in DC called Bread for the City. I think its mission nicely sums up what they are all about:

"The mission of Bread for the City is to provide vulnerable residents of Washington, DC, with comprehensive services, including food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We recognize that all people share a common humanity, and that all are responsible to themselves and to society as a whole."

Every year around Thanksgiving the staff runs a fundraiser. This year's Holiday Helpings campaign is providing 8,000 families in need with healthy holiday meals.

Most of the staff members do a special fundraising page to try and cajole their friends and families into helping raise the money and I especially loved Susanne's idea to show our two boys giving up their Gold Doubloons (from their Halloween treasures) to contribute. Just to show that every little bit counts!

Just $29 will feed a family of four, but any amount will be so welcome. Hit the link here to make a donation today. And here's to a Happy Thanksgiving for everyone!

Here are my Gold Doubloons. What you got?