Sunday, August 28, 2011

It takes a village...


It takes a village to deal with the clean up from Hurricane Irene. Our neighbors had a lovely pear tree come down but we are all grateful that no one and nothing was really damaged (thanks to a great catch by a smaller dogwood tree in their yard.) Onward and upward. Earthquake then Hurricane. What next? -M

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can you guess Benjamin's latest favorite word???

Susanne took these picture in the spring of 2009 when Benji's big brother was on a bit of a locomotive kick. How many times a day do YOU think a one year old can yell "TRAIN!!!!!"?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I know that usually we think of milestones as being those big moments like graduating or getting married or whatever, but I got to thinking about milestones just the other day when our dear Daniel, crossed a threshold I wondered if I'd ever see.

You see, he left his beloved blanket at our friend and day care provider extraordinaire Jenni’s house on Monday, and we didn’t discover this until bedtime. And truth be told, traveling the 10 miles to Jenni’s house (especially when she would be trying to get her own boys to sleep) to get the blanket did not seem like a very good idea to either Susanne or me.

Let me tell you about Danny’s blanket. It’s purple and he got it as a gift from Su’s mom’s friends Peggy and Mike. He has loved that blanket since day one, and as soon as he could talk, he called it his “bye”. (Funny story, Benji now has not one, but two favorite blankets that he calls “bye” and “buh bye”.) Anyway, where was I?  Danny loves his bye and has slept with it every night since he was old enough to claim it as his own.

So, he asked and we told him he could take it to Jenni's, but that it was his responsibility to remember to take it home. Because let's face it, my brain is full and I was pretty sure I would not remember.

Anyway, fast forward to bedtime when he normally curls up on one of our laps with his bye, his sucking thumb (a whole nother blog post) and a good story, he asked us where his bye was.

Rut roh. Trying to quell the wave of panic that began to wash over me, Su and I both explained that he was going to have to use a different bye (like the one he uses at school). We braced for the worst.

He calmly told us which little blanket he wanted and proceeded to go to bed with no fuss.

I gotta tell you. We were really proud of him.

And I also gotta tell you I’m glad he forgot it on Monday night and not Tuesday night. Because that unusual east coast earthquake that hit yesterday shook him up a bit.  From the moment we picked him up at Jenni’s he kept that bye with him until he finally drifted off to sleep. And milestone or not, I completely understand that when you’re a little on edge, it’s nice to have an “old friend” to hold on to. 

Here’s to all of our purple byes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August showers bring...

Who knew?  Apparently that "having enough sense to come in out of the rain" thing has to be taught. But in their defense, after surviving a summer this hot, a cool rain shower was just the ticket! -M

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On Target

So my thought for the day? Target.

As in Target stores.

You are probably wondering whether I plan to rant or rave, but in reality, I don't plan to do either. I really just want to make an observation that has stuck in my mind for a while now--ever since I was in a Target store when my mom was nearing the end of her life.

You see, I can remember Target stores since I was a little kid growing up in Minnesota. I actually worked at T-52 back when I was in college (for those who have ever worked at Target, you might know where that is.)  The very first Target to ever open (T-1) is in Minnesota and if you were a kid growing up in the Twin Cities back in the '70s you probably went to Target.

So here is what I got to thinking about. Target changes all the time but never really changes. You go in, and the women's clothes tend to be on your right, belt and hats on the left, and if you're going to buy jewerly or a watch you go to that same glassed in case as you do in every other Target.

The colors never change either (don't ever accidently wear tan pants and a red shirt to shop at Target. You will regret it.)

To be sure, Target always has the stuff you need. The right clothes that are more or less in style. The latest toys. Again, always new stuff, but in most respects just like the old stuff.

So where am I going with all this? As my mom lay dying and I stepped out to take a break and get some Christmas presents, it dawned on me that Target was the same in 2010 as it had been in 1977. Still clean and sparkly and current. And maybe it's morbid of me to think so, but I just feel like when my time comes in 20 or 30 years, Target will still be the same. 

And for some reason that makes me feel sad.  But also kind of glad about this idea that some things never change--not really.  Maybe it's a bit like how I see myself.  Changing all the time, but in essense never really changing at all. I guess you could say I'm "on target". -M

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Our Supermen

Able to leap tall couch couch cushions in a single bound. Cuz jumping on the couch is a great idea right? ;-)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Birthday fun with friends

Adorable little RJ celebrated her second birthday yesterday and pictured here is her ever so cool posse. Happy birthday sweetie! We had a great time. -M

Friday, August 05, 2011

Keeping it Real. Real Fun.

The boys' Nana spent the week with us, and here keeps Danny entertained until reinforcements arrive!

Just in the nick of time Benji (who now weighs just a few lbs. less than D) takes over teeter totter duty.

 Both boys had a great time riding a choo choo, and at the petting zoo. Here Benji prepares to engage in mortal "staredown" with any and all comers in the animal kingdom.

 No contest you cute little turkey. No contest whatsoever!

Monday, August 01, 2011

In a nutshell...

If I were not on Facebook I would most likely have blogged about these things that ended up instead as FB posts. Enjoy, or if you are a "friend" and have already seen them, move along ;-)

July 28
So Danny worries that our smoke detector is going to wail as I deal with a smoky “cooking malfunction.” “Don’t worry sweetie, it won’t go off now” I reassure him. “Won’t go off?” “Does that mean it will go on?” Aww… Chalk it up as another vote for “nuture” in the great “nature, nurture” debate.

July 27
When asked a question at breakfast this morning Danny replied "I can't answer you now--I'm not supposed to talk with my mouth full". Of course it came out as "Ah ca ansa you na--ah na suose ta ta wi my mow fu."

July 26
Our 4 year old delights in stacking and building--our 1 year old in searching and destroying. Sigh...

July 20
So last night as I carried Benji up, his little Glo Worm began playing a snippet of Pachelbel’s Canon. As I gazed as sweet face I suddenly imagined a day far in the future—his wedding day. I'm pretty sure I “wedding marched/glided” the rest of the way. And got a bit misty eyed. Such a sap!!

July 15
Rule #234 for a happy life. All gift cards must immediatly go into wallet. (Still hoping what appears to be lost will be found!)

July 14
Although Benji is too young to speak it's like he and big brother Danny actually plan how they will take turns each night making "night night" time a royal pain. Benji is "on" tonight, sigh…

July 11
Ugh...I've got the body of a God. Unfortunately it's Buddah!

July 1
Thunder and lightning--I always have to think before I say which is which. I also have a problem deciding which is the "open or close" button on elevators. :-)

June 30
Okay, seriously--who decides what to put out as XYZ (insert name of cable outlet here) breaking news e-mails? I know I could always unsubscribe, but I do count on the occasional really interesting one.

June 20
Sometimes a crib is just a crib. But when your 18 month old is particularly cranky some days, I like to think of it as a Self Contained Unruly Baby Apparatus. Yes, that's SCUBA for short. ;-)

June 15
Don't you think they could invent store video monitors that subracted ten lbs. instead of adding ten? I'd shop more at that kind of store.

June 14
"Afterday". Hmm...this new word our 4 year old has come up with is really growing on me. See you afterday!

June 8
Oh children's songs! Why do you infect me with your insidious brain worms? "Five little ducks went out one day, over the hills and far away." My apologies to parents of young ones everywhere!

June 7
"Ocean fish are for eating and goldfish are for loving" -Danny's deep thought while admiring his new orange friend.

May 25
Sigh...does anyone else dread figuring out what to wear to work every day? My entire clothing collection is a wardrobe malfunction I'm afraid.