Saturday, December 09, 2017

Happy Holidays from our Growing Family

Ho, ho, ho! It's December again--that most wonderful time of year. When I say in the title here that our family is growing, I don't mean growing in quantity, merely that Danny and Benji are growing!

Hard to believe that Danny will start middle school already next year. Benji will head to 3rd grade then too. Life goes on--the boys both loving baseball, scouting, watching TV (yes, I will not lie) and being loud!

This year we may have set a record (that we will not need to break again soon) for family travel. Let’s see...we saw howler monkeys and spoke Spanish in the Guatemalan rain forest, played in the ocean near Hamburg and attended Su’s cousin’s wedding in Berlin, had a wonderful Peace Corps reunion in GA, stood in wonder at the solar eclipse in the path of totality in MO, played at our BFF’s farm in IL, celebrated Uncle Paul’s beautiful wedding in MN, and went to Universal Studios in Orlando to see all things Harry Potter! It was great to have Nana Ulli with us on many of our trips, who climbed ruins and everything in between, and played many a game of Phase 10, Scrabble, Uno and Tri-Ominos in the evenings with us.

Here are a few pics from Orlando. Love these two. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! -Monica

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