Monday, November 26, 2007

Before and After

What a difference a month makes. This picture was taken last month when we were in Germany. When we returned, Danny started on solid foods, and just one short month later he seems so much bigger! Of course he's a real big boy now that he just got his first sippy cup (see handsome boy below).

He also now officially weighs more than our "portly" cat Harley (who is now, by the way, a great source of entertainment to our sunny/sonny boy.) I guess when you are only about 6 months old it doesn't take much eh? Hasta la vista! -Monica


Casey said...

Oh my gosh - your son is beautiful!!!! I wanted to stop by to thank you for your comment on my blog regarding my daughter and possible sensory issues. The links you provided will be a huge help for us. Thank you!!!!!!

Susanica said...

Thanks for your comment Casey. We think your kids are beautiful too and we love reading your blog. Looking forward to seeing what clever new crafts you guys come up with for the holidays. Have a great day. –Monica

Jenni said...

oh my gosh! I think he's grown an extra chin!