Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Crying Uncle! (Or is it Laughing Uncle?)

A surprise visit from Uncle Paul sure makes Benji's day as you can see in this pic. Even though Paul lives in Minnesota and we live in DC, the perk of working for a major airline makes it possible for him to come here fairly frequently.

Both Danny and Benji are delighted to have Uncle around--although I will say that I felt a twinge of jealously that Paul seemed to put Danny to bed so easily last night.

But then I thought "hey, I'm not the one putting him to bed! Wahoo!"  Presto, no more jealously!

So thanks for coming Paul. We always love it when you come to see us! -M


Casey said...

Uncles are the best!

Jenni said...

I'm telling you, that kid looks like a Fitzgerald.

Daddy Luis said...

I agree with Jenni. You can see the connection between the two of them!