Thursday, July 05, 2012

And then we saw the alligators

Last installment of photos from Cypress Gardens: the boys hadn't really been able to see the alligator hiding among the lily pads when we were out on the boat, so we decided to end our day with a short walk along the swamp.  After reading this sign at the entrance to the trail, we knew to keep our eyes open:
We walked out to where I had seen a rather large alligator hiding in the lily pads and using my big lens and with a bit of photo cropping here at home I was able to make the alligator appear:
This next alligator didn't require nearly as much work.  On our way back towards the car he walked right across the path between the boys and myself!  Unfortunately he took me so by surprise that I didn't get a photo of that.  But here he is in the water just moments afterward (hard to tell here, but he's just a baby - maybe 3-4 feet long):
And I found one more baby who thought he was well hidden among these weeds:
And one last photo from Cypress Gardens:

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