Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Summer Vacation (#2)

Day two of our Minnesota adventure took us on a drive from St. Paul up north to Woman Lake.  The highlight of the day was a stop at Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd. 

27' tall Paul Bunyan himself greeted the boys with a hearty "Hello Danny and Benji!" as we walked in the front gate.  This did NOT go over well, particularly with Benji.  Neither boy could be convinced to sit on Paul's boot for a picture despite his invitation to do so.  As you can see, even getting this picture was a bit of a challenge.

Babe the Blue Ox was definitely less intimidating - thank goodness he didn't bellow "Good Bye!" as we left.

Our Minnesota trip was all the more special because we had been invited by our wonderful neighbors from DC - Melissa & Norman and daughters Josie & Callagh. A week on a lake in northern Minnesota is a long standing family tradition for Melissa's family, and we were so grateful to be invited along.  The whole family has long been raving about how wonderful and relaxing (parents' take on it) and fun (kids' take on it) the trip would be. 

Paul Bunyan Land is part of the annual tradition, so we met up with the family there.  As you can see here, the boys had a fantastic time on the rides with Josie and Callagh.
During the later days of our trip and especially when we were driving back to St. Paul to go home, Benji would frequently pine for "Bunyan Land! I want to go to Bunyan Land!" in the back seat.

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