Monday, December 03, 2012

Where'd November go?

Well, during the month of November, although we took some pics on our smart phones, we only took 3 pictures on Su's camera. And we managed to update this blog a total of 0 times. Not impressive right?

And it's not like it was an uneventful month. November 6th brought that nail biter of an election--President Barack Obama prevailed and I can now breath again. It really seemed for a time there that Mitt Romney might win and the thought of that worried me greatly.  Thanks goodness not only did Obama win, but in all 4 states that had same sex marriage votes, all 4 were positive. Thank you to the people of Maryland, Maine, Washington and the great state of Minnesota!

We also of course celebrated Thanksgiving down at Su's mom as has become our tradition. But unfortunately both boys were sick. Danny got diagnosed with pneumonia right before the trip down and Benji ended up at Urgent Care and also got put on antibiotics for respiratory troubles. I am so grateful that they are both better. Fevers and coughs are tough on little guys. Of course getting vaccinations are also tough on little guys, but they will be going in for their flu shots this afternoon. You may be able to hear them wailing in protest at around 3:30 from wherever you are in the world ;-)

Other than that all is well. We got to to go our friends Mikki and Kelly's wedding yesterday in a castle. I think all wedding should be held in a castle. The boys loved the venue and a great time was had by all.

Now it's Advent so we have our advent calendar bags strung up. The boys cannot wait to get up each morning and cut their bag down to see what's inside. They are learning a lot about waiting (which is very hard for them but very apropos for Advent.) Next up, Benji's birthday and then Christmas will be here before we know it. Hopefully I'll blog again long before then. Happy Day to all, and to all a good night! -M

Advent Calendar Bag opening by Danny in 2009 when he was about Benji's age now.

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