Thursday, February 07, 2013

"Ripped from the headlines" of our Facebook musings...

Yes, they still crack us up ;-)

Feb. 7
While dawdling over his flashcards last night, Danny cracked us up by stating in a very serious tone "I hear in 1st grade there is even more homework." He has no idea what the next 12+ years hold right?

Feb. 5
"Hmmm...the DOJ is suing the S&P" I murmured to Su this morning while reading the paper. "Let me see! Let me see!" begged my 5 year old running over to my chair. I thought I had another Alex P. Keaton on my hands until I realized he had no idea what any those acronyms meant, and that there was no cartoon involved.

Feb. 4
God love Benji. Wants to know if next time we use the juicier "can we make graham cracker juice"?

Feb. 3
The boys just found the Where's Waldo books. Just when I thought my addiction was a thing of the past... ,-)

Jan. 27
My three year old today told me "you're not a girl, you're a mom!" How do you respond to that?

Jan. 23
"It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world." - (Chaos Theory) My theory?..."Something as small as crying out from a bad dream of one brother in the middle of the night can ultimately cause the other brother to never go back to sleep again." - REAL Chaos Theory

Jan. 19
Several of Danny's kindergarten classmates don't eat meat, and he finds it all rather fascinating. So this morning at breakfast he asked us how their moms and dads knew they they were vegetarians when they were born. I love how his mind works ;-)

Jan. 17
Wearing our PJs inside in hopes of some snow tonight. -No snow came ;-(

Jan. 15
Phrase I never thought I'd say..."guys, no smacking each others faces when my face is between yours!" -Stardate 7:05 pm while "snuggling" in an armchair with my um...dear...5 and 3 year old sons. And how was your day?

Jan. 11
Happy to finally get the pedometer I've been wanting just yesterday. My goal is 10,000 steps per day. Walked more than 1000 steps just trying to get the boys out the door this a.m. I should feel more grateful than I do,-)

Jan. 9
So inquiring (5 year old) minds want to know... "Why do we call them field trips? We hardly ever go to a field." Our Danny Boy

Jan. 5
I accidently spell accidentally wrong approximately 100% of the time. I swear I do not do it on purpose! ;-)

Dec. 25
Ah...Christmas. After playing well for a while, Danny just screamed "you're not my best friend!" "Yes I am", Benji yelled without missing a beat.

Nov. 22
Resting next to your snuggley two year old who insists you lay with him to take his nap, is not the worst task to draw right after a delicious Thanksgiving feast

Nov. 21
At 6:05 am enroute to Nana's for Thanksgiving, our 5 year old gleefully informed us that he could "cough" the alphabet. It's gonna be a long 8 hours.

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