Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Danny Boy's Big Day

We knew it was coming, but it's still hard to believe. Danny celebrated his 6th birthday party yesterday and I still can't get over the fact that we have a 6 year old.

As his special day fell on a Tuesday, we did a party at our summer pool spot on Sunday and for the first time in recent history it was actually cold over the Memorial Day weekend. The kids who dared brave the chilly water were shivering in the shade as we whacked the cute dinosaur pinata. Fortunately in the sunshine it was much warmer, so all in all the party was a blast. 

He got wonderful presents at his party from his friends (thank you!) but his big presents this year were a Nintendo DS from his Nana and Beyblades from his Pop Pop. He LOVES them both. We hope that we can encourage really good behavior from him by sort of threatening to withhold the DS from him...we'll see how that works out. He's a pretty good boy anyway, so he'll probably get time to play every day as long as his homework is done. He also got some money for his college 529 from his great grandfather, but doesn't seem particularly appreciative at age 6. Maybe down the road his appreciation will rise? ;-)

There is something about being 6 that is really special I think. I have some pretty vivid and nice memories from when I was 6, so maybe I see it as the beginning of life's memories. 

Danny has his foibles. He still sucks his thumb, and often struggles to get out the door when it's time to go because he's a "homebody" according to him. And he doesn't always listen or put his things away.  But all in all, for every one thing he does that is annoying, he does a hundred things that are delightful.  He's empathetic, sweet, and fundamentally kind. He gets along with just about everyone and makes us smile EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Happy birthday dearest firstborn. Thank you for being you. Love, love, love, your Moms

Evelyn, Joakim, Benji, Josie and others have fun crowding poor Danny out of his own party!

Chilly yes. But not too cold for ice cream!

Beyblades! Danny and Benji "let 'er rip!"

Two proud parents with one silly six year old! Happy Birthday Danny Boy.

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