Thursday, August 01, 2013

Peaceful easy feeling...

On Monday Danny and Benji got on an Amtrak train with their grandmother (Nana) and took an 8 hour ride down to South Carolina where they are spending a bit more than a week with her. By all accounts they are having a great time and we are thrilled.

Yes, we are thrilled that they are having fun (going to the children's museum, swimming, running around on a slip 'n slide etc...) and also very happy that they are behaving for Susanne's mom. Apparently they are so tired they are sleeping great all night which is wonderful. It's very quiet and peaceful there, and I for one would love it if they get in the habit of sleeping longer.

But seriously, the part I must admit I am most thrilled about, is that we get to have some time quality to ourselves. No dealing with kids up at the crack of dawn asking/whining about what they want for breakfast. No rushing to drop them off and pick them up. No bedtime battles. No saying "no, you cannot watch a cartoon" for the umpteenth time.  Nope. We just getting to spend leisurely time hanging out on the porch (blessedly cool weather here this week), being lazy (or productive if you are Susanne), and going to restaurants for dinner most nights.

It really is an amazing feeling. You see, since Danny was born in 2007 there has not been even one night when we have not had at least one child with us. I have taken a few work trips and Su went to Germany once for a funeral, but even then, one of us had a boy or boys. And even when Danny did his week-long trip to Nana's the past two years we had Benji with us. So to do the math, this would be a period of 75 consecutive months of child responsibility if anyone is counting. ;-)

So today (and for the next few days) we are kid free. And I am very much appreciating this. Don't get me wrong. We miss our guys, and can't wait to get on our first Skype call with them in about an hour. And no one will hug them tighter than me when Susanne comes back from retrieving them next week. But until then, I'm going to let this peaceful easy feeling linger.

Alrighty, gotta run. After the Skype video call with our boys, Su and I have reservations downtown for sushi. Mmmmmm....

Last night's Pisco Sours cocktails before another fabulous dinner out on the town ...

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