Thursday, December 19, 2013

Birthday Big Boy!

This month our little Benjamin turned 4 and got to have a couple of fun parties. First stop was Chuck E. Cheese with our favorite neighbor girls, then a fun activity at school with his Pre-K friends.  The next weekend was a trip down to Richmond to celebrate with his grandfather and family, and then on December 17th, which was his actual birthday, more gifts and merriment!

He got pretty much everything he wanted including a baby boy doll he's named Jack, (and takes very good care of), and a toy alligator--NOT a stuffed animal per his request.  He also got remote controlled bumper cars and some handmade clothes for Jack (thank goodness Susanne can sew. Do you know how hard it is to find clothes for a boy doll?) Oh and I can't forget to mention the Star Wars Light Saber he's been wanting. Just wish Danny's Light Saber had not gone missing this week.They have both been frustrated by not being able to "fight" together properly.

So to sum it up, Benji nurtures and sort of slays. Pretty well balanced kid I guess. ;-)

Happy birthday to our "baby". Who isn't really a baby any more. Gulp! Love you baby er, big boy! -Mommy

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