Sunday, March 16, 2014

One of My Favorite New Traditions...Florida!

In what has become an annual event, we traveled earlier this month to a warm location with Susanne's mom. Florida has become our default favorite place, and with the boys loving baseball as much as we do, it's been amazing to be able to catch Nationals' spring training games when we head south. Last year we saw them play the Astros, and this year it was the Braves. What can I say? We loved it!

We've yet to do the whole Disney thing, but have certainly enjoyed the many other fun things to do in the Orlando area. This year we hit Legoland, which was just as fun as it was last year, and even ventured a bit further southwest to a beach near Tampa. The beach was lovely but it was a bit too cold to really go in the water. We had a bit of rain at the beginning of our 4 day trip but made due with a visit to a lovely children's museum not too far from our hotel. It was also great returning again to our favorite 3 bedroom condo (with kitchen) that didn't break the bank,

With Danny now 6 going on 7, and Benji age 4 going on...well...7, (or so it seems), it is so much easier to travel with them. Their toys and clothes all fit in their little suitcases that they are in charge of. Okay, okay, we helped a few times, but it is much easier to travel now than it was in the toddler days.

With Su's mom driving down to Florida from her home in SC, our car seat situation is pretty simple too. She has one car seat permanently in her car and we just bring one booster. Although I must admit that riding in the back seat between my dear sons in her Rav 4 gets old really fast. More than once, the boys completed the trifecta of LOUD, CRANKY and CLINGY.

At the same time. Sigh.

I guess I could volunteer to drive once in a while, but I don't mind Susanne driving most of the time and she prefers it. It's not that she thinks I'm a bad driver (never had an accident or a moving violation,) she just likes to drive. I will admit that I am curious as to what might happen if she were in the back seat with the "trifecta" going on back there. ;-) On second thought, maybe they'd actually behave better? I have a feeling we may never know!

Anywhooo...I made a two minute slide show (flipagram) of our fun at the museum, ballgame, Legoland and beach. Just click on the picture to enjoy! (By the way, the scenery behind the boys in the pic? That's Washington, DC all made of Legos!)

As I look out the window right now in the real Washington, DC I'm seeing lots of snow falling. Definitely missing Florida... ;-)

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