Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sweet 7!!!

We are still a bit in shock that our little Danny is now a 7 year old, but it's true. He had a great week of fun, starting with a visit from his grandfather and family, then a Treasure Hunt Adventure party at our house. The hunt ended at at the splash park across the street, and all in all, it was a very fun birthday!

As a picture (or several) speak a thousand words, without further ado here are some fun pics to help us all remember the day! -Monica

Getting the highly coveted Razor Scooter from Nana was the beginning of a fabulous birthday!
PopPop enjoyed lunch outside with the kids --Birthday boy Danny has a "table for one" off to the side.
Mindy joined in some Stomp Rocket Fun while visiting with her dad.
Time for a little brownie treat.
The weekend birthday party began with an agenda. It actually worked out very well.
The kids got ready for the airplane competition. Nice job!
Even some of the "big kids" joined in the fun!
Then it was time to start following Danny's treasure map to find clues to the buried treasure!
One clue led to a pirate's costume which added to the intrigue.
The treasure was spotted at long last! Gold candies and coins for everyone!
The treasure chest before the pillaging began.
Time to play on the playground and water park!
Our favorite Irish dads assume identical poses to keep an eye on the mayhem.
There was running!
And lots of splashing!
Finally cake time!
And on the morning of his birthday he awoke to gifts and breakfast and fun. That's what we like to see. A happy 7 year old!

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