Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Aber ich spreche nicht Deutsches!

We often joke that Susanne likes to create things and I like to maintain the things she creates. For example, our blog. Susanne figured everything out and designed what you see here today (and our archived Verizon site). She also added the "ticker" and the counter--things which would never have occurred to me. But when it comes to actually using the blog—that would be me.

You see after she’s had her creative fun she’s not so interested--she's off to new challenges. In addition to not posting on our blog very often, she’s also not as into reading other people’s blogs as I am. Truth be told she often doesn’t even read what I write figuring I’ll just tell her about it anyway (which I always do ;-)

So I was surprised last night when she started talking about a cool blog she’s been enjoying called Journey of a Co-Parent. It’s written by a couple in Germany who have an adorable little boy named Nicolas. One woman is Canadian and her partner is German. We periodically get “comments” from them on stuff we’ve written and I think that piqued Susanne’s interest.

So last night Susanne was asking me if I’d read Sarah and Bebe’s blog (which I had) where there was a great post with interesting comments on kids learning more than one language. We’ve been talking about the same issue for our baby who we hope can absorb German, English and Spanish so it was a timely topic. Forgetting for a moment that I don’t really understand German, Susanne began talking about some of the stuff on Bebe’s German language site, asking me if I’d read that too. It was really funny! Keep in mind now that I don’t speak much German at all, so it really cracked me up.

So…since we are both now such avid readers, at Su’s suggestion we’ve added their blog to our side bar. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Oh, and I just have to add that even though Susanne has biologically played a key role in creating the little life growing inside her, we’re going to “maintain” the baby together. Right honey? ;-) -Monica


Anonymous said...

I do too read your postings! -Su

Sarah and BB said...

:D I am honoured that you both enjoy reading my blog, you guys made me blush!

I think it's great that you both are thinking about raising your child bilingual, I have done tons of research on the topic and it all comes up positive. I can't wait til Nicholas starts speaking sentences in both languages, it will be interesting to see how his skills develop in the next couple of years.

Thanks for the link, I have you guys liked too! :)

Baerbel said...

Hi you guys, it's BB, the other half of Sarah in Germany. I have to admit that I'm not really reading blogs either but Sarah always keeps me up to date. Very cool that you linked us! And thank you for reading my blog as well! I find it amazing how many people you can reach with an online diary, I would have never dreamt of it. But what can I say: I love it!

Susanica said...

Thanks BB and Sarah--sorry for spelling both BB's name and Nicholas's name wrong before.

And honey (Ms. Annonymous!)I am delighted to be wrong about you not reading our blog ;-) Happy day sweetie! We are in the home stretch now! -Mo