Monday, July 23, 2007

They are SO CUTE!

Danny and Mama are thrilled by the National's 3-0 victory over the Colorado Rockies on Saturday. (Aren't they adorable?) By the way, Danny's "thrilled look" is a bit tempered by the fact that when thousands of people all cheer at once, it's a BIT loud.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a ball game and Danny really seemed to have fun (at least he didn't cry or anything.) And the National's did not disappoint. In fact, then won again on Sunday which was also very sweet.

At our Saturday game, an adorable 5 year old sitting in front of us was mesmerized by Danny and couldn't stop saying "HE'S SO CUTE!" She had fun asking us lots of questions as the game wore on.

At one point she she asked me "are you his mom?" I figured she'd asked me since I'd bottle fed him some expressed milk right after we arrived. Susanne answered "we are both his moms."

She thought about it for a second and then asked, "so you both raise him?"

I thought that was a pretty good use of the verb "to raise" for a 5 years old.

"Yup, we both raise him."


Her parents were of course listening to the whole conversation and smiled as she babbled away. Score one for teaching tolerance!

Our next game will be in two weeks and we can't wait. Have a great day everybody!

P.S. You know you've lived in DC too long when someone asks you what the CR on the players' hats stands for, and when you explain "Colorado Rockies" they say "oh" and confide that they thought it might be for Continuing Resolution. (True story.)


Dakota said...

I love most kids' reactions to the two-moms deal. It is such a non-issue for them, or they think it is really cool. Two moms? Wow! Let's hope more and more families are letting it STAY a non-issue and not instilling those creepy one-man/one-woman values we've all heard way too much about.

Susanica said...

Thanks Dakota. By the way we love the Dancing on the Edge blog and you are both photographers. Of course your kids are extremely photogenic so it's easy right?

We agree on the whole idea that kids are light years away from most adults on having two moms or two dads. Slowly but surely I say. Thanks for your note. -Monica (and Su and Danny too!)