Monday, July 30, 2007

We're tripping...

Does anyone else out there get stressed trying to plan a trip? Susanne and I love to travel. We get practically doe-eyed just imagining fun trips to distant lands—in fact, one of the very first things we did after Danny was born was to get him a passport. (It arrived in the mail just two weeks after submitting the application by the way which was a real shocker.)

So…what was I talking about? Travel? No that wasn’t it. Ah yes, stress.

You see, when it comes to actually making the reservations and committing to the dates of travel etc…our doe-like eyes become a bit satanic. There are so many things to consider. And now that we’ve got our little guy, we’d really like to get to wherever we are going in the shortest time possible. Easier said than done.

Case in point. This fall we plan to go visit family in Germany. What fun! Except how many airlines in the whole world do you think travel directly from the Capital of the United States of America to Frankfurt, Germany? That would be one. United. So our options are a 17+ hour flight on another airline with at least one stop (mainly in London-I shudder at that scenario) or an 8 hour flight on United. And of course, not all airlines charge full fare for infants, but United does. Full fare! Even if they are lap babies!

Let’s see…if we mortgaged the house, cashed out our retirement plan... Okay, I’m exaggerating a little. But until we come up with a better idea, we’ll be traveling to Berlin. Berlin, Maryland that is. I’ll fill you in on how this saga gets resolved later. -Monica

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