Thursday, October 22, 2009


So for a leadership development program I'm in, I have to do what is called a 360-degree assessment. That means I have to rate myself in an online database and and I have to ask my boss and other colleagues to also log in and rate me.

The ratings are all anonymous but when I go to my leadership training I'll get to see the combined ratings and do all this comparing and contrasting of how I perceive myself as compared to how others percieve me. I've done similar assessments in the past and it's pretty interesting, except that this time there is a very interesting twist.

You see, it looks like the organization that assigns the passwords and log ins accidently gave the same exact information to me and some stranger. 

How do I know this? Well, I've started getting e-mails from the company running the 360 degree assessment saying "so and so" has completed the rating you asked them to do. But unfortunately half of the names I'm getting back are people I don't know. It looks like some woman named "Tammy" and I were assigned the exact same log in and password. And our raters are logging into the same place to answer 85 questions about me. And her. And it's all getting combined.

Of course, I've contacted the company and the organization running my training to let them know that this problem is occuring. And I'm guessing "Tammy" is doing the same since she is more than likely getting the same e-mails telling her that some strangers have just completed her assessment.

I hope she's really cool and well liked. Everyone's favorite leader. You know, just in case they never solve this problem. -Monica

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