Thursday, October 08, 2009

Who knew? Apparently not me!

This my friends is the Washington Post Food Section. It comes every Wednesday. So, let's do some math here...for about the last 312 Wednesdays since I've known my lovely wife Susanne, I have not noticed that she always reads the Food Section.

I clearly missed all the clues. The Food Network marathons on weekends--you know, the omnipresent Iron Chef, Next Food Network Star and America's Test Kitchen programming. That and all the delicious foods Susanne cooks. Geez, I'm a freaking idiot.

And how you may ask did I finally figure out that Susanne always reads the Food Section? Because yesterday morning when we were running late I took the paper with me to read on the train. And not wanting to be burdened by an extra, you know, 4 ounces of newspaper I got rid of the "dregs". The classifieds, circulars, and, gulp, the Food Section.

So of course when Su and Danny got home she looked through the paper I'd politely returned to the coffee table and I was, shall we say, questioned?  I believe that a synonym for "clueless" was bandied about.

OMG! Do you think there are other things I should know about her but I don't? Has anyone else had a similar revelation? Oh well, signing off now to see if I can find anyone here at work who still might have the Food Section from yesterday. Cuz online is just not the same. Ciao! -Monica

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