Monday, May 10, 2010

Still going and going and going...

Wonderful two week trip to Germany - check

Arrive back home as family members fly in for Benjamin's baptism - check

Have a beautiful baptism ceremony on Sunday (host brunch and shuttle family members from hotel to church to house and back again) - check

Get ready for trip to Chicago for work tomorrow -check

Discover that the flight is actually not tomorrow, it is today in about 3 hours - check

Fortunately lovely niece lives in Chicago and they are delighted I can stay the night with them (cuz, I kinda forgot to get a hotel room for tonight since I thought I was flying tomorrow.) - Check

I am known for this kind of thing. - check


Yes, it's been a VERY BUSY 3 weeks now but now I must stop typing because I have to get on an airplane! Bye! -Monica

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Jenni said...

Whoa! Have a good trip!