Wednesday, May 19, 2010

That's good...

Apparently we praise Benjamin quite liberally for all the wonderful things he does. His smiles, his rolling over (and over and over)--even his fledging attempts to sit up (with a little help but he can sort of do it.)

I know we praise him a lot because whatever we say, Danny says.

And apparently we talk to our five month old a bit like one might talk to a four footed friend. And by this I mean we seem to say "good boy!" an awful lot.

The funniest thing is that Danny, being the clever almost three year old that he is has taken to smiling mischeviously and patting people on the head repeating, "good boy, good boy!"

He does know the difference between boys and girls but no matter -- "good boy!" he smiles.

Our pastor, his grandmothers, our cat, his parents, basically everyone he's come into contact with lately has been treated to a pat and a "good boy."

He even says it to Benjamin, but just this morning when Benji was rolling in a direction Danny did not approve of he yelled "No Benji, no!"

Where in the heck did he learn that one? ;-) -Monica

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svillage said...

So cute!