Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hip Hip No Hurray

In the winter of 2010 my mom fell and broke her left hip. In the months since then, she's worked hard to be able to walk again without assistance and, no pun intended, has made great strides.

Until today that is. She's broken her other hip and will have surgery tomorrow morning. She was returning from a car trip with my brother and niece. They'd driven from Minnesota to Colorado to visit my sister and were just starting their trip back home when she fell after feeling dizzy at a rest stop.

It's so odd. Like dejavu all over again but much more complicated because she is so far from home. We just pray that her surgery tomorrow goes well and that we can get her back home (home to the rehab hospital where she spent so much time last winter to be more specific).

The only thing that has given me any joy since I got the news was when I spoke to her on the phone a few hours later. She's tired and drugged up but she's mom. She laughed when I told her how little Danny just lit up with a big smile when he heard Grandma got to go for a ride in an ambulance.It was nice to hear her laugh.

Please keep my mom, Mary Ellen, in your prayers if you are one for prayers. She's got a long road ahead of her.

2010, I think you can be done soon. -Monica


Xbox4NappyRash said...

oh all the very best.

Jenni said...

so sorry to hear this news, monica. love to your mom and hopes for a full and quick recovery.