Monday, August 02, 2010

It's like School's in Now Forever!

It’s now August of 2010. Danny is three years old and this month will start regular school at the Pre-K3 level. With some before and after school care that means he’ll be at school from 7:30 every morning until around 5:45 at night. It’s a great school, but wow. He’ll go there until 2019 when he’ll finish 6th grade as an eleven year old and then just keep on going and going education wise. Junior high, high school, and probably beyond.

I will admit I feel a little shocked that the tiny baby we rocked to sleep as an infant (and who are we kidding, we still rock to sleep) is really starting school. Now. This month.

His grandmother (Nana) is visiting and hadn’t seen him since late May. She couldn’t believe the way he’s changing. His baby face is thinning out. His clever mind is always spinning. And sometimes he complains of aches and pains at night because his body is busting out of his toddler frame .

I like to think he will always be our baby. And sometimes when we least expect it, he is.

Love you baby. I mean, big boy. -Mommy

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Erin said...

I feel the same way -- this month is a really big deal!! AG also has growing pains at least once a week. Hang in there Mommy!!