Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good news. Right?

So my mom's blood work and MRI results all came back as normal. Which is a great relief, but also keeps us wondering just what is going on. She's gotten confused and weaker, her speech patterns have changed and she's just all around moodier.

Of course she's in a very stressful situation. She wants to go home and isn't able to until she can do some things on her own like use the restroom. She had to leave assisted living because she needed much more help then that place was able to provide and is now in a nursing home for the time being.

Suffering a second hip break in one year has been awful. And ironically it's her knee (which has already been replaced once) that gives her the most pain.

We'll see her soon enough. But not soon enough if you know what I mean. -M


Jenni said...

Ugh, such a mixed blessing when the tests turn up nothing. I know it must be hard for you Monica being so far away during this time. I hope she feels better soonl

Svillage said...

My thoughts are with you and your mom.

Rachel Castriotta said...

Hey Pep- sorry to hear your mom is having some trouble. When I read this about your mom's new symptoms I immediately's how her body is reacting to the pain meds. I work in a hospital right now as an aid while i'm working on getting my nursing degree. Anyway, the symptoms you are describing; the weakness, change in speech...did they coincide with pain meds for the broken hip? Just a thought, and my hope as well, because if that is the issue then it can be solved easily!!
Prayers are with you and your BEAUTIFUL family!
Rachel C