Friday, September 17, 2010

He's been out now as long as he was in!

Yup. Our little Benjamin is nine months old today! Seems like this nine months has flown by so fast--much faster than the pregnancy (at least in my humble opinion).

As you'll see in this slide show, sometimes he looks like a little baby and sometimes he looks like real a little boy. Mind boggling I must say. We love you little dude. You and that amazing big brother of yours.

Love, Mommy and Mama

P.S. A sneak preview of the show. These were taken on our trip to the Stasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania last month!


Martin said...

I kid you not, how small a world it is, but I've been there!

We stayed in the moose caboose (?) motel, with the train carriages.

Jenn said...

I have visited too, what a great place for the boys. Dying over the tongue photo. Definitely peas in a pod those two.