Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Our little soy boy...

Jenni guessed correctly that my art below was Benji. He was wearing a dark jacket with the hood up and a lighter colored vest. I think his face is pretty distinctive and I love the grin because although he is generally a happy little guy, when he scowls, he scowls!

We recently realized one reason for his periodic crankiness--turns out he may well be allergic to dairy. About a month ago after a week of him feeling sick and being really stopped up (yup on that end) we took him to Su's chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women and kids. She treated him with some stong yet gentle massages of his lower back and face, and strongly recommended that we try switching him to soy.

The results were pretty dramatic. He started sleeping better in the mornings after his typical crack of dawn bottle. And he just seemed happier. As the chiropractor told us "you'd be cranky too if you were constantly ingesting something that made you feel sick."

After a few weeks we tried to introduce some easily digestible dairy in the form of yogurt back into his diet but he immediately got stopped up and crankier again. So we'll hold off. Our doctor agrees that this might be an allergy. Some kids grow out of them so we'll just have to see what happens. In any case, he loves the organic soy milk which is HUGE. (Can you imagine if he didn't like it? Ugh!)

So, sweet as he can be, he certainly lets it be known when he is unhappy with any decision you may have made. But he's got a grin to die for, and when he's sleepy he's the cuddliest guy around.

He and Danny are quite the team. And we have a feeling they are just getting warmed up!

Have a great day everyone! -Monica


Daddy Luis said...

Great thing that he is good with the soy milk, I agree with you, imagine the hardship of trying to figure out alternatives, rice milk? He DOES have a grin to die for. The dynamic duo will certainly continue to be heating up the home with those bright smiles! SO cute!

Jenni said...

Have you tried giving him soy yogurt or cheese? I bet he'll love those too.

My niece was allergic to dairy, and she grew out of it by the time she was two.

Susanica said...

great ideas Jenni!