Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dateline: 1:56 pm

Benjamin is home with me today. I didn't know until around 7 this morning that this would be the case, but sometimes when life throws you a curve ball, you just go with it. His regular "day mother" Jenni, has a sick kid on her hands so Benji needed to stay home. It happens, but very infrequently I will say, so thank you Jenni!

Anyway, so what's it like to be home--while teleworking--with a rambunctious two year old? Hmmmm...the word for this escapes me. At this moment, he is in his crib screaming "Mommy! Mama!"...wait, it's changing..."Mommy! Milk! Pwease!" Who can keep track any more really. He went down for his nap 40 minutes ago (exhausted I might add and with a full sippy cup of milk) and I've heard nothing but his demands and several different renditions of "Twinkle, Twinkle"  in the meanwhile (I believe he threw in a Hip-Hop version 14 minutes ago.)

It might sound like I'm complaining, but if I am, it's only because the CITRIX connection for our personal laptop which I should be able to use when unexpectedly at home like this, isn't working. I can still log in from our desktop computer, but this means I'm rather chained to our office while 2 year old, Bam-Bam (that's the sound he's making right now from his crib in the room next door) roams all three levels of the house. This might work fine for those without anxiety, but for me, not so well.

He has actually been really sweet today--it's just that he sort of wants me to be involved in every facet of his play. Although we did take a break and go outside for a while earlier, and later this afternoon a neighbor with a toddler invited him over for an impromptu play date,  it's just been a fairly non-productive day. (I'm hoping that the hour that he's on play date will let me catch up on most everything.)

Of course if he would just stop fighting his nap and succumb to the blessed gift that is sleep, we would both be much happier. It's just that he does not yet appreciate the nap.

Wait! What's that I hear? Nothing? Could it be that the nap fairy has come? Aww....I am so gullible. He totally had me for minute. He's back to his "Mommy, Mommy"/crying jag again already.

Time to get back to what little work I can. Fortunately I have some reading I have to catch up on in addition to my online work. I'm going to stop typing now and be completely silent now. "Hush little baby, don't say a word"... -Monica

 Shhhhh...dateline 2:17 pm. All is calm. All is


Daddy Luis said...

I just saw the Clinton series the other day and so I must say in the spirit of Mr. Clinton, "I Fell Your Pain". Well not exactly in the same manner as you describe, but the parts of a child wanting your attention ALL the time, your needing to balance priorities, and the torment of praying for sleep to enter and give relief like rain falling on arid land. The you look at that face, just look at him. With his car in his hand and that smile. MY heart melts he is just so beautiful. I guess this is parenthood. (I hear people saying we will miss all of this one day. HA! I say.) Hang in there! You and Su are WONDERFUL moms. Love ya all.

Susanica said...

Right back at you Luis. We survived but it was not an easy day. But I'm preaching to the choir I know ;-) Love you man. -Monica