Saturday, February 11, 2012

Under the Sea (and Often the Weather)

Last weekend while Susanne was gone helping her mom out (she had surgery on her shoulder) the boys and I took a little trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. For those who are not familiar with this place, it is really awesome for kids. Benji's favorite was the octopus and Danny pretty much loved everything except for the really loud rainforest exhibit.

Danny being a bit averse to the loud noises is probably linked to the fact that he's been a bit under the weather. As you can see, his mouth is all chapped and red which has been an ongoing problem this winter. He sucks his thumb pretty religiously and the more he sucks it the redder he gets. Then he gets sick--this week we took him to the doc and turns out he had strep throat. I can't help but think there is this weird cycle going on. He sucks his thumb which introduces more germs than he would otherwise get. Then he's sick and needs to rest. The more he rests, the more he sucks his thumb. When he's well and active there is less time for thumb sucking. Sigh. We've got to figure this out. All this thumb sucking is also pushing his front teeth out and that will mean orthodontic work down the road. We haven't yet tried any "icky" stuff to put on it to stop him from sucking it, but that may be our next step.

Other than that, all is well. These two continue to crack us up. Last night I came through the front door and exclaimed "mmmm, something smells great!" Danny replied "it isn't me." Hilarious.

Then last night when I was putting Benji to sleep I was quietly saying the "Our Father" which is something we do every night. This time though at the end of each sentence he was repeating the last few words. It was very cute...
Mommy: "Our Father"
Benji: "Father"
Mommy: "Who art in heaven"
Benji "in heaven"

but when I got to one of the last lines, I burst out laughing though.

I'd said "As we forgive those who sin against us"
And Benji said instead of just saying "against us", what he said was "gainst us and Miles"

Miles is his wonderful little buddy who he plays with every day at our friend Jenni's (she of "Oscarelli" fame.) 

Now where he came up with the idea that somehow Miles needed to be included in this part of the prayer I'll never know.

That's the beauty of these children of ours. You just never know what's coming next!

Have a great day everyone. -Monica

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Jenni said...

Hahaha, Monica! I'm pretty sure exactly the person he was thinking of who "sins" again he an Miles - a certain angelic looking blond with sharp fingernails and fist full of sand.