Thursday, July 18, 2013

What? Me worry?

Yeah, I admit it. I've got an anxious bone or two in my body. And yes, sometimes it's really ridiculous stuff that gets me nervous, but sometimes, well, I have every right.

Case in point--these pictures from a three story tall "play barn" in Germany. Where the cousins had a blast on our visit last month, and I nearly had a heart attack.

This is a really tall "volcano" climbing wall. Danny and Benji raced over to it to start climbing.
For scale, I've added this picture where you can see me (5'6" tall) below looking up. How high are they now?
"Come on Benji! Come on!" Big brother Danny cheered on the 3 year old while I was quietly dying on the ground below.
"I'm coming down Mommy". Ah...sweet relief.

"But now I'll climb this ladder thing up." He got to the top (through the grace of God) but then was afraid to come down.
Fortunately this cousin (Jonas) was my hero and scampered to the top to help the little guy down. Forever indebted. (Cool Legos house right? Those blocks were humungous!)
Great merriment ensued with all the cousins.
There were trampolines.
Even Susanne got into the act.
Did I mention the terrifyingly huge slide that the kids went down about 10 million times ??
All's well that ends well. As you can see, this was on happy patron of the German Playbarn.

Well just looking at these pictures again has made me a little nervous. Of course it did! Until next time! -Monica

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