Monday, September 09, 2013

That is SO Cool!

Today is an exciting day at our house. After lots and lots of thinking and planning, we finally decided to take the financial plunge and get a central air conditioning system installed. The installers are here as I write, and I cannot wait until it is done. (It's a high velocity system that has small tubes that run through our closets.) This is a pretty expensive home improvement, but we are very excited to soon have better control of the temperature and humidity in the house. It will take a few more days for the installation to be complete so I'll try to be patient. But it's so exciting!

I think in some corner of my mind, I figured that this was a home improvement we'd make one day when we were thinking about selling to improve the value of the home, but then we got to thinking that it just made sense to go ahead and do it already so we could enjoy the benefits.

Susanne's mom VERY graciously contributed to our "AC fund" and we are so grateful. Hopefully all of her future visits to see her grandchildrn here in DC will be more comfortable from here on out. It's never just the heat in DC. It's the HUMIDITY. So excited that this system also dehumidifies as it cools. Thank you Nana!

To update you on Danny's thumb sucking progress, the icky tasting stuff has really been working. He's taken to wearing a glove on his left hand at night so he doesn't accidentally suck on it while asleep, and during the days he very quickly takes his thumb out the second it goes near his mouth. Yes it's aversion therapy, but nothing else seemed to be working so we are at peace with it.

We were telling our dear friend Patty about the "thumb project" the other day and he explained it to her in detail. Actually seemed proud that he was finally stopping with the thumb sucking. So overall we are super pleased and hope to be able to stop using it as soon as it seems that he's really stopped.

Other than that all is well. Danny has soccer several nights a week and Saturdays. Benji is liking school so far (and has Saturday soccer too) and both boys are extremely excited about Halloween coming (yes I realize there are 54 days til Halloween.) Danny plans to be a Knight and Benji a Pirate. Let's see how well they stick to those plans.

Have a great day and next time I write from home, I'll be cool as a cucumber. Yay! -M

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