Monday, September 23, 2013

Just some funny memories from the past few months...

Pint sized Danny and Benji take on their German big guy cousins Jonas and Jannis in foosball.

Every few months or so I like to pick out a couple of the funny things the boys say--things we don't want to forget as the years go by. So without further ado, here are some quotes we captured on FB.

Feb 8

So this morning I asked the boys what we should get Mama for Valentine's Day. True story, Danny said "what about a pretty dress? Or a gravestone?"

(Turns out he thinks gravestones are cement you can write stuff on and he would want to draw a heart.)

Feb 18

I woke up to Benji cradling my face in his little hands, studying me intently. Then he smiled, and just when I thought life couldn't get better, he blasted me with a mighty cough. Joy. Easy come. Easy go.

May 5

5 year old Danny: "Fine Benji, you're not a baby, you're a infant!" 3 year old Benji: "I'm not an infant! I'm an outfielder!" Still smiling.

May 31

Talking baseball with the boys, and asked them what position they'd like to play. Danny said shortstop. Little Benji replied that he wanted to be the vampire. Dear God, will they be this funny always?

July 12

Out of the blue my 3 year old announced today that I am old. Hmmmm... "Is Mama (Susanne) old too? I asked.

"No, she's new."

Kinda hurt, but totally cracked me up.

Aug 24

(While driving in stop and go traffic.) "Just make the beep sound. Then they will go faster!" The Gospel According to Benji –

Aug 31

Just wondering how our sons will one day answer online Security Questions" like "mother's middle name" or "mother's maiden name"? Secretly hoping they pick me. Susanne is right. I'm way too competitive!

Sept. 16

Danny was helping me pull weeds this weekend and when I pulled out a particularly stubborn one, he yelled out "oh your gosh!" (And just as I was about to say "oh my gosh!") My silly Danny!

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