Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making the most out of an odd October...

I've been meaning to blog the past few weeks since I've had a bit of time on my hands due to having been shut out of  my job in the federal government, but every time I get started, I just get mad again and stop. I have my fingers crossed that a deal has been reached to end it today, but only time will tell. I promise to blog more about my deep thoughts on the whole thing someday.

In the meanwhile, I thought I'd share something that does not make my blood boil. A visit to a local pumpkin patch with our favorite pumpkins on Columbus Day! It was in the low 70s and you'd think we'd have the boys dressed in long pants and jackets, but no. As Benji likes to say "up sleeves Mommy!" "Up pants too!" As it turned out it did get sunny in the afternoon so it all worked out. Without further ado...

Tractor men.

"Go cart" action got a thumbs up from Danny.

What can I say? Cool art there.

Can't go wrong with huge slides.

This place had a basketball court sized jumping thingy which was great fun for Susanne too.

Sure they are not "matchy matchy" with their colors, but aren't they cute?

Obligatory shot. Note the corn stalks behind us. A huge maze. Muddy but fun!

Special bonus from a school event last week where the boys and their neighbors biked to school. What did I tell you about Benji and his "up sleeves and up pants?"

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