Friday, September 14, 2007

And in this corner...

So the other night we had dinner with some friends who were in our Birthworks class and it was a hoot!

We all had boys, and even though Danny is the oldest, he's the littlest guy. In this picture we see Danny sandwiched by little Aidan and Oscar. It kind of looks like they are trying to silence our little guy huh? They are all just beautiful, beautiful boys don't you think?

When we tried to get them all smiling to snap this picture, Aidan's mom made the cutest little "raspberry" sound that not only didn't really make Aidan smile like he usually does, it scared the bjeezus out of Danny and he began bawling his little eyes out. We'll remember not to make that sound. ;-)

Also, since Oscar's mom and dad who hosted our lovely dinner (thanks guys!) have a baby scale we all trooped upstairs to weigh our little ones. Even though Aidan is only 2 months old he weighed in at a whopping 13.45 lbs or something like that, and the best part was that as we all started cheering, he thrust his little arm up as in victory! Priceless! Danny weighed 12.55 lbs I think and Oscar who is two weeks younger than Danny and two weeks older than Aidan took the weight title. Just can't remember how much he weighed. Regardless, it's just wonderful to have such healthy, happy little babies!

I can't help but imagine that before too long we'll be hearing "and now, starting at forward, 6'2" sophomore (insert name here)...." Yes, time is already starting to fly. Have a great day everybody! -Monica

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