Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ma Bell...Ma Hell!

What to blog about today? How about the call I made to Verizon this morning to ask them to discontinue two services that we no longer want. (One of them was call forwarding which we are pretty sure we’d never signed up for anyway.)

“No problem” I was assured.

A half hour later Su called to let me know that we’d just gotten e-mails informing us that we’d signed up for two new features. What the Heckle and Jeckle????? This made me very irate to say the least.

After being on hold (again) for what seemed like forever I was assured that these were now taken off of our account. Unbelievable huh?

The best part was when the customer service representative asked me,

“Could someone else in the family, like a child, have called up this morning to request the order I see on your account for Verizon Games on Demand Family Place”?

“Well our three month old is going to be SO GROUNDED if he called you.”

(That would be a “no” I translated for the representative. Sigh...)

I’m now assured once again that all is well. We later got some e-mails confirming the “cancellation” of these new service. Looking forward to seeing next month’s bill.

Tune in tomorrow for more adventures of the mundane! -Monica

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