Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Works for me!

So remember how I have to legally adopt Danny? Well we went to a status hearing at the DC Courthouse last Friday, and I must admit I was a bit nervous. Even though we'd done all of the tedious forms and worked closely with our lawyer and the social worker assigned to our case, I guess deep down inside I was afraid something would go wrong. I mean those people have the title of "judge" because that's what they do. And that's kind of scary right? Well anyway, everything turned out just groovy. Here's our story...

In DC a child can't be legally adopted until he is 6 months old. That would mean November 28th at the earliest in our case. The judge seemed to have no concerns about our case and very sweetly invited us to attend a big annual event called DC Adoption Day. Our original intent had been to skip any ceremony and just get the signed papers in the mail, but truly, the judge was so sincere in her invitation (and smitten with our beautiful little boy) that we just had to say yes.

The judge excitedly explained that there will be a fun breakfast, clowns, balloons etc... Hundreds of people who've particpated in adoptions this year are invited and she'd be delighted if our family could participate too.

Susanne, my ever quick witted Susanne, asked the judge what day the ceremony was scheduled for.

"November 17th"

Well there I was, clapping Danny's little hands together, dreaming of balloons and clowns, when Susanne asked the judge:

"So, if we can't adopt him legally until November 28th, then we really can't particiapte this year can we?"

Oh, what a moment of crestfallen faces. (Mostly mine in retrospect.) But the judge, after a brief moment of deep thought, smiled brightly and she said that she could issue an Interlocutory Decree.

"Huh?" I thought.

Long story short, our lawyer will now draw up papers that the judge will sign prior to November 17th making him my legal son about 10 days earlier than we thought he would be. Then the final decree will be signed once he turns 6 months. It's sort of like a "pre-approval" but it is in full force as of the date she signs it.

Since it's still hard to stomach the fact that I have to ask the govenment's permission to have legal standing in regard to Danny, I guess a part of me thinks that this is no big deal. But another part of me thinks that I "get him" 10 days early. Interlocutory, interlocutory, interlocutory--say it 3 times really fast if you can! -Monica

P.S. We've now posted some cute pictures from Danny's baptism. Check them out.

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