Monday, October 27, 2008

America's Funniest Home Laugh Track

So last night we watched America's Funniest Home Videos while Danny was playing before it was time for him to head up to bed. At one point he climbed up into a big chair and started watching the show with us. He just seemed so happy and comfy in "his" chair. Suddenly he was laughing and laughing! The video clips were all about animals--mainly cats--and he was cracking up.

I think it was the first time that I've looked at him and really thought of him as a, how can I say this right?, as a regular person. I can't explain it. Like even though he's too little to talk yet, you almost thought he was going to launch into some funny joke about something Harley and CJ had done recently.

I couldn't help but notice that his favorite clips involved cats jumping up on people and scaring the heck out of them. Interesting how that seems so funny when it happens to others, but is not so funny when it happens to him! -Monica

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Bugaloo said...

It's amazing to me how suddenly it changes! Just wait! Suddenly they are laughing, talking, filled with their own ideas and their !own! surprising and !unique! observations. And now recently, I'm involved with conversations on how Alice forms her opinions....