Thursday, October 30, 2008

Danny's first love letter

Dear Jenni,

Shaa! Shaa! Traa! Traa! Ahaaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaaa!

Ummm…my moms said that today will be my last day for a while that I’ll get to go to your house to play all day with Oscar and Valentine and Nebo and Sophie and Audrey.

Well since I’ve got my own cats at home to play with I don't think I'll miss the animals too much. But you and Oscar? My heart’s only the size of a plum and something’s happening. Oh no! I think it is breaking. ;-(

But I’ll be okay. I hear they’ll be lots of new kids to play with at the day care center and also that the people who work there will take good care of me.

But when I get there I won’t hear Oscar crowing from the other room so I can crow right back at him. I love that! And you know those stories you always read us? Maisey and my favorite silly alphabet book. I don’t think they’ll have them there but maybe.

And when I’m crabby and you scoop me up in your arms and give my one of your wonderful hugs and suddenly I feel all better? I’m gonna miss that so much. I sure hope they have a red wagon like yours so we can go for a walk every day and see those 3 big boys who always argue over whether Oscar or I am the cutest. I like how you always say we are both the cutest!

Well, my moms promised me that we are going to have play dates so I can still see you and Oscar. Promise? And that I get to give kisses to the new baby soon. Promise? (I think soon means December.)

Okay. I’m going to say something now that I’ve only every said to my mommy and my mama and my grandparents. I love you Jenni. And Oscar and his dad and your dogs and cat and your brother too. Thanks for taking such good care of me. Love, Dan

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Jenni said...

Oh, I've spent all morning trying NOT to think about this.

I love you too, Dan. I'll miss you. Play nice with the new kids, but don't get too attached because I expect you to come back really soon, okay?