Tuesday, December 01, 2009

An Advent Adventure!

Danny was delighted this morning to find colorful bags tied up with pretty ribbons cascading down the staircase. We told him it was the first day of Advent and that every day from December 1st – December 24th he’d get to cut a ribbon and open a new bag!
Needless to say, Advent is now his favorite time of the year.

Susanne did a fabulous job sewing each little bag and coming up with clever little gifts for each. Don’t tell him, but he’s going to be seeing some matchbox cars, chocolate Santas, little story books and other fun presents in the days to come. Some gifts are practical, some are whimsical and some are gosh darn delicious so every day will be an adventure! Fantasic job honey!

I love the “green” aspect of sewing the bags so they can be reused each year. This advent “calendar” idea is one that Susanne’s family did when she was growing up and I love seeing such a wonderful tradition passed on to the next generation.

Without further ado, here’s Danny’s first day of Advent.


Prissy said...

What a cute idea! Will try it when Hall gets a little older. Much better than the elf on the shelf that tears up your house! Can't wait to hear about baby #2! Hugs to you all!

Momma Mikki said...

WOW! What an awesome idea!!!! I might have to steal that...

Seriously - we would love to see you both before the baby arrives. Any chance?