Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh the layers we'll wear!

I was just thinking...

Daniel was born in late May 2007 and the day he came home from the hospital it was 102 degrees outside. Hot, hot, hot.

 Benjamin was born in late December 2009 and the day he came home from the hospital is was in the low 20s. Cold, cold, cold.

Which has caused me to realized that summer babies don't require much more to wear than a diaper, a onsie and a recieving blanket. And they actually find the chill of regular diaper changes refreshingly cool (cold mommy hands and all).

But winter babies have got it rougher. You've got your diaper and your onsie of course. Then you've got your warm sleeper or outfit (for night and day). And when it's time to go night night, a warm and cozy sleep sack gets added. And maybe even another receiving blanket. So diaper changes are not only unrefreshingly cold for our December boy, they take a lot of time!

Benji is handling it quite well though I'd say. I'm the one regularly cursing the little snaps that are maddeningly arragned just to drive me mad--especially in the low light of night time.

Wonder what other observations will come to light as the days pass? Only time will tell. Have a great day everybody! -Monica


nutella said...

Thinking back on all those new born diaper changes I am very glad it was warm when Miles was that small. And we gave up on snap footie sleepers for this very reason.

Maybe instead of marketing wipes heaters they should market heated changeing pads?

Erin said...

I banished snap-up PJs when AG was a baby -- I search high and low for zip ones!! FYI -- Kohls has Carter's zip fleece sleepers. Glad to hear all is well otherwise!! :-)

Casey said...

Oh no, that probably also means that Danny's hand me downs will all be the wrong size for Benji since they'll fit him in the wrong seasons?!?!