Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Feel better baby

This is my neice's two year old daughter in a photo taken by her mom today where she is resting at a hospital in the Twin Cities. She woke up yesterday with half of her face completely swollen and had emergency surgery last night for an infected cyst in her neck. She'll be back for more tests next week.

Rest well sweetheart. Hopefully whatever the problem is will get figured out and addressed right away.

Her grandmother (my sister) did say that the only even remotely humerous thing to come out of this is when they gave the baby some morphine because of the intense pain she was in, she started sucking her favorite thumb and with a dreamy smile announced that her "thummy was nummy!" (She also then began laughing which sounded sort of like a snorting  pig, but she probably won't want to remember that part of the story when she is older.)

The docs think they know what the problem is and how to treat it. Please keep Johanna and her family in your prayers. I hear she is doing better today, but she is one very sick little girl.

Cousin Danny sends hugs and kisses baby. Aunties too. Love, Monica

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Jenni said...

poor baby! hope she's better soon.