Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's okay?

Time: Yesterday afternoon.

Location: Unloading Danny and his favorite neighbors out of the car after school in front of the house.

Josie and Callagh's mom said, "Bye now. Say...we're going to make some chocolate chip cookies and we'll bring a plate over when they are done."

I said, "Oh don't go to any trouble. I know you've got a lot going on today, so no need to come by if life gets too busy."

Out of the blue, Danny suddenly blurts out "No, no! It's okay Mommy. It's okay. It's okay for Josie and Callagh and their Mama and Dada come to our house and bring cookies."

He was so earnest. We couldn't really tell if it were a question or a statement. (And yes, Melissa and I both burst out laughing).

An hour or so later, Danny answered the knock at the door he'd been waiting for! -Monica

P.S. We love our neighbors!

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Susanica said...

Interestingly - after not getting a cookie last night because he refused to eat his dinner, Danny did get a cookie this morning after finishing his breakfast. He ate about two bites, before handing it to me with an "I don't like this." I assure you all it was a perfectly yummy cookie, and I thoroughly enjoyed finishing it! -Mama