Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thoughts on being an older parent...

First and foremost, I think being an older parent means at times being mistaken for being a grandparent. This is my least favorite part of being an older mom.

I am definitely more financially secure now than I was when most of my peers were becoming parents, and that makes me feel good.

A friend who also became a new parent in his late 40s told me “no one ever told me it would be this hard”. He then followed that up by saying “and no one ever told me it would be this much fun”. Well said.

I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about this, but statistically, my chances of dying before the boys are grown is higher now than when I was younger. Me no like this thought. (Susanne doesn't either).

I am more tired now than I was when I was younger. I have memories of running around and playing with my nieces years ago—what fun it was I remember. Now I am happy that I have younger friends and relatives who love to run around with our boys. (Point of clarification: I do play a lot with the boys, but find myself eyeing my armchair way too longingly!)

On the bright side, being older means being being wiser (or so I’ve always been told.) Jury is still out on that one I must say.

Let’s see? For me being older means having to wear glasses. And we all know that snatching (and can I say crushing?) glasses is more fun than just about anything in the world to growing babies.

And last but not least, if one of the boys has kids when he’s only 20, I won’t be able to say “oh, no, I can’t be a grandmother yet! I’m only 67!) ;-) -Monica

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Bugaloo said...

As the youngest of 7, I believe that I take all the credit for keeping mom and dad young and healthy. They are both doing wonderfully at ages 77 and 79. (I can't believe Dad is going to be 80!) Sure, they might be healthy people and take good care of themselves, but thank god I was around for them, don't you think? So I predict your boys will keep you young, healthy and beautiful. :)