Thursday, January 06, 2011

I'm blogging! I'm blogging!

I've got absolutely nothing to say, but at least I'm blogging again. Ummm...well would you look at the time? 5:29 pm. Time to head home to my funny little family. Toodles!

Which reminds me of a funny thing from Mickey Mouse, but that will be for another day. Bye now. -M

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Stimey said...

Man, this is like the worst blog post ever. You're all, "I'm here! And I have a funny story for you! But I refuse to tell you! Eff You!"

At least that's what it sounded like in my head. That's probably not what you wrote. Or meant.

Come to think of it, this is probably the best blog post ever because I guarantee I'm coming back to hear that story. No pressure, but I'm REALLY looking forward to it.